Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BarBeQue Anyone? Elizabeth and Jeanie Veal...which one's the mother?

My God Daughter, Elizabeth, and her mother Jeanie Veal, were here for the weekend...What fun. Great vintage outfit that Jeanie sported for our pool side BarbeQue...Thank you Robert...Jeanie's pardner in crime was our chef Boy R D. Good hamburgers, Dude. Jeanie has the "My Three Daughters" thing down...all smart, savy and gorgeous...wonder why?

Loyal Sander and Long Time Pinto Pony Fan Anne Haertle on her wedding day...celebrates a June 23 birthday.

Anne...Happy Birthday, Baby...Miss you and your clan (Steve and lil' Johnny) terribly...Love this photo of you, Babe! xooxRuby

I Miss My Daddy...

Sander Brenda Ellering in her doorway at The Coral Sands

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BETTE MIDLER LIVE at the Continental Baths!

You've Got to have FRIENDS...I realize this is rough...It's the significance of the Place that it sung. Ruby

Sanders get alot of work done Even in the Pool at The Coral Sands!

You, too, can work poolside (or in the pool) at The Coral Sands.
Working remotely is becoming a very good option at The Sands...we are wireless and have access to everything...especially the sun and a beautifully redone clear pool. The Light (as Charlie and Debra would tell perfect...) This is another shot by that amazing ...Debra and Charlie.
Come on Over and See Ruby you all...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah

Leonard...thank you for writing this brilliant song...Ruby

K.D. Lang 'Hallelujah' 2004

I hope you will listen to this song until the very last second...This is my lullaby. Ruby

Friday, June 15, 2007

Karrie Trengove Sent this wonderful photograph in from Paris Renfrow's Birthday

left to right...Sanders Stacey Wilson, Leigh Turner, Nancy Erickson, Laura Baca, Paris Renfrow, Karrie Trengove and Mary Leinhard. Wonderful time had by all...oh and the fabulous Lolli Baca in Laura's arms.

Round Midnight in Ruby's Kitchen...where you all want to be right now

Big Ceremony in Northern California

Well, cub reporter Peaches has just been mighty damn busy this week. Yesterday, she was at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Native American Health Center's new clinic in Oakland, California.
She reports those American Indians really know how to throw it down when they want to celebrate something important. Here, a grass dancer does his thing accompanied by drumming. Peaches also saw a war dance for the first time in her life and had this to say: "mighty scary."
Peaches has raised about $1.6 million to help build the clinic. They need about another $2.4 million.

Old Palm Springs

Hey, this is fun!

Who can 'splain this photo?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Loyal Sander Carole Sullivan has proved a mighty challenger to Ovarian Cancer and is at the end of the long road of Chemo. We applaud your fierce spirit and love you...our girl.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Psyche Yourself to See Sicko

Cub reporter Peaches Chekouras was in Sacramento this afternoon to listen to Michael Moore testify before State Senators and Assembly members about the critical importance of passing California SB 840, the single payer, universal health care legislation sponsored by State Senator Sheila Kuehl.
Mr. Moore was in Sacramento to unleash the U.S. premiere of his new documentary, Sicko, the healthcare exposé which opened in Cannes earlier. Both Kuehl and Moore believe the situation in California is dire, especially after the state legislature and people of California worked to pass universal health care legislation only to have it vetoed by Gov. Schwazenagger.
California lags most other states when it comes to the percentage of working residents with health insurance coverage, according to a report released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The study ranks California 32nd among states. In 2003, the most recent year for which data are available, California had 2.371 million uncovered workers, who represent 15.9 percent of the state's working population.
Mr. Moore entered Senate Hearing Room 4042 at about 12:30 p.m. to a roar of applause from the packed gallery -- mostly nursing professionals and doctors who support the single payer solution to the coverage crisis. Outside, on the capitol lawn, a much larger crowd of thousands stood and cheered his image on big screens set up in multiple tents spread out over the lawn in the hot afternoon sun. Although Senator Kuehl had asked for quiet in the hearing room, no such rule applied on the lawn and the crowd screamed and chanted its approval of Mr. Moore's informational presentation.
Wearing his signature open collared white shirt and dumpy dark suit, Mr. Moore stood before the dais and told stories of people made bankrupt or homeless by the very insurers who were supposed to protect them. Again and again, Moore returned to his theme that there is no room for profit when a life hangs in the balance and that there is something deeply corrupted and wrong with a society that will not even care for its own children.
"What happened to us?" Moore asked with passion. "If too many people are left to fall through the cracks, the whole of a society suffers." We become profit driven to the point of negligent murder. "We know right from wrong," Moore railed at the insurance industry. And again, the warm June afternoon erupted into applause.
Moore's remarks were followed by a showing of Sicko in Sacramento. The film is tough to take. It is hard to watch us be our own ruin. Chekouras was among the many who left the experience enraged, in tears, and ready to fight.
[The opinions expressed here are those of Peaches Chekouras and do not necessarily reflect those of Ruby Montana or the Coral Sands]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - IZ

Whenever I feel a little blue this lifts my spirits.

Happy Birthday, Katie "Cheekbones" FitzGerald

Katie is feeling on top of the world this morning and is looking forward to her first mammogram right after she drives a golf ball through the front door of this split level ranch.


Today's favorite 40-year old was born June 12th in the Summer of Love in Welsley, Mass. She later moved to New York and wound up as a 20-something in San Francisco. A lefty who plays right, Kate can sure smack that ball.


Have a great day, Cheekbones, we love you!

Kate, How 'Bout An Upside Down Cake?

Arkansas Rollercoaster Leaves Customers Hanging
Posted: 10:59 AM Jun 11, 2007
Last Updated: 3:46 PM Jun 11, 2007
Some amusement park patrons in Arkansas were ‘left hanging’ because of a power outage on June 11, 2007.
Twelve people riding the X-Coaster at Magic Springs & Crystal Falls were suspended upside down 150 feet in the air.
The passengers were stuck for more than 30 minutes before firefighters used ladder trucks to get them down.
“Man, we was up there! Just going up to the top and it only goes upside down one time ad when we got up there it just stopped. We were like, ‘what’s going on here,’ because I rode it a few more times here today. We stopped and we was up there for about 35 minutes of just hanging upside down. It was crazy. My heart is still pounding,” Alex Bernard said on being stuck on the X-Coaster.
All of the passengers were checked out by paramedics when they finally got back to the ground.
Park officials said a blown fuse was to blame for the power outage.
The park resumed normal operations later in the day, but the X-Coaster remained closed.

Friday, June 8, 2007

This Gore Can Run!

C'est ma fete, indeed. You go, girl.

Al, Please

Don't do it.
Don't enter the 2008 race.
I know a lot of people are asking you to, but think it through with me.
You are doing way more good where you are right now--free and loose to run your mouth to kingdom come. And, fortunately, you've got a lot to say.
We need you as the conscience of the nation. We need you writing books and making documentaries. We need you punching republicans in the nuts.
Free as a bird, Al. That's where we want you.
Don't do it.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

We've Been Thinkin'

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has already spent far more time in the White House than the rest of the presidential field combined. Think about it. She knows how the thing works.
Now throw in a certain Senator from Illinois occupying whichever half of the ticket gives the Dems the best chance at winning.
The last ingredient is the predictable three-fer, his Billness, He Who Must Not Be Named, the winningest dude the Dems (to be renamed Dames after the election) have ever had the luck to nominate.
One vote nets you three of the best minds we've got to get us out of the jar of pickles the shrub has gotten us into. And by the way, Geo, about those pickles? Why don't you put them up yourself?
Just thinkin'

Davey's Hideaway...One of Ruby's Favorite

The White Trash Patio is in Bloom...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Ponies Gathering at The Sands...Historic

Some of the Ponies were in attendance at this historic Coral Sands reunion...From left...Diana Phillips, Linda Buchner, Karen "Hopper" Carns, Judy Rush and Ruby Montana...We're Wilder than Her.

The Bunny server at The Sorensen Bachelorette Bash

The days are flying by as we approach the Sorensen/Stout wedding of July 28, 2007. Will Perrin be serving?