Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Modest Proposal

With California's highest court ruling that denying same-sex couples the right to marry is unconstitutional and with the majority of the California populace polling in favor of the expanding matrimonal benefits beyond mixed sex pairs, with New York State ready to recognize the paperwork and send hoardes of love-struck, sun seeking tourists flooding in, isn't it time for the Church of Tina to consider going legit?

Consider this. There is a seldom seen room at the Coral Sands that Ruby uses to store years of paperwork, guarded treasure and the High Holy Altar of the Church of Tina, a room in which few but IRS agents, well vetted collectors and devoted C.O.T. followers have been. This room has glass doors that open to a monastic walled garden and widows simply crying out for stained glass. That, an organ and a wet bar would be all the location needs to be turned into the perfect pilgrimage site. (Anyone care for a Sacramental Sacramento Stinger?)

With a quick and painless visit to the website of the Universal Life Church our motelier could become a credentialed minister, a talented costumier friend could whip up the proper frock and The Coral Sands Church of Tina Wedding Chapel could become a reality, with her holiness Sista Rube heading the pulpit.

Is it just me, or is this the right place AND the right time?

Let the REAL Rapture begin.

editorializing from Sacramento,

Barbie Doll

(Midge, call me)

A Great Big THANK YOU goes out to Sander Erin McCarthy Orcas Island, Wahington...

Erin took measurements in the Yiddish Cowgirl Suite of the vintage wagon wheel sofa cushions that were damaged and made new and beautiful cushion covers. They look Spelendid...Thank you Erin! You are so generous...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eulogy of Bobby Kennedy

Teddy certainly managed to deliver the most amazing eulogy of our friend Bobby...Ruby

A Prayer for Edward Kennedy

You can't pull an Olds Delmont 88 out of a tidal channel without hearkening back to Teddy's salad days; when he was young, glorious, and on a trajectory that promised the Presidency to a string of Kennedys at least three brothers deep.


Now a lion in winter, the assessments that once eviscerated the seemingly luckless politician hold him up as a national hero and they are right for atonement is more than a major motion picture once in a theater near you and now on DVD. It is his life's work and he has embraced it. In a Princess Di like turnabout, he became the people's president knowing there was no other avenue to the office. Always a Senator, never a nominee.


When he landed in the Senate in 1962 he was all of 30 years old. He has made it his home and many would say he has made it his own. From that vantage he has been the conscience, yes conscience, of the nation--calling out when budgets were balanced on the backs of the poor; demanding the nation live up to its promises of liberty, justice, and equality for all, tilting at windmills maybe (recall his railing at the price of hamburger in one of his several doomed attempts to run for President), and making access to affordable, quality health care the capstone of his career.

Let's send one up for him. He deserves it and he needs it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Precious God Daughter Katy Wood (right)...Hi Anika and Royce...Dan, Susie, Laura, Dan, Charlie, Vita, Panda, Beuce, John, Elliott, Lisa, Amy, Gram.

My Precious God Daughter Katy Wood and her best friend from Kindergarden, Christine Rech arrived at The Sands this afternoon...They are having a wonderful time...It is 104 today...Katy is pregnant so no gin and tonics...but...hey no whiners here.

"OH" Susannah Mosher and Adam Stevens of LA are Visiting the Sands...

Aren't These Two Adorable...Susannah is a remarkable artist and is actually showing at M Modern Gallery currently with her coconut monkey painting...They are art...Down to the very tatoo Adam has on his arm to the way Susannah ties her vintage bow and rolls her Bang...Wow...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ruby's Beautiful Mother Joyce and Ruby on Another Mothers Day...

We all know how special a Mothers Love is in our lives. I salute all of you Mothers out there. I was lucky to win the Mother Lottery. Mine was perfect for me.

Dear Friend and Sander Aniol Brockowski Found Higher Ground Today...Such a special spirit...See You At the Pearly Gates, Aniol...You will be missed...

TCS Salutes Mother's Day This Sunday

Pick that wedgie out, girl!

This Sunday TCS sends special greetings to the many moms who have stayed here, their pool tossed babies, and the many, many little ones who no doubt have been conceived here (The Liberace Room is rumored to be especially fertile), and to the many newbie Sanders who will be making their first visit to The Coral Sands in the coming year.

Welcome all!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sander Diana Phillips on the Daily Dose of OC


We've just discovered Diana Phillips Chocolates, a new artisan chocolatier based in Laguna Beach. The artistically designed handmade chocolates are available online only. Last year Diana left her design position at Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising to pursuit a creative career in chocolate. Her former career allowed her to live in Italy and travel throughout Europe. When it came time to study the art of chocolate, she trained at Ecole Lenotre in Paris.

Her collection of delicious chocolates includes truffles, Champagne chocolates, rosemary grapefruit caramels, smoked Balinese sea salt caramel, lavender French knots, tea infused chocolates, chipotle espresso and chocolate paves. To add in-season touches, Diana relies on Morning Song Farms of San Clemente to provide organic herbs, vegetables and fruits plucked right from the fields. The Mother's Day Collection features hand-painted designs in blood orange, watermelon and basil ganache in dark chocolate; Meyer lemon and thyme ganache in white chocolate; and dark chocolate ganache in milk chocolate.

Diana Phillips also makes unique, sculptural chocolate molds unlike anything on the market. In Europe she fell in love with chocolates and the European way of packaging. "Whether it was butter or a hammer or laundry everything was wrapped neatly and tied with string." Phillips says. "When I started designing my own package, I remembered how special I felt about that process, so my ribbon is really more like a glamorized string, to assure the buyer that I care about the contents."

Okay, Let's Just Stay With the Theme for a Minute

Is this little guy cute, or what?


He's two months old and the third jaguar to be born in captivity in Peru. Nameless little chap resides at the Huachipa Zoo in Lima Peru.


Their world is shrinking, like the tigers and anything else that doesn't produce a quantifiable profit.

Wish him well, people. He needs it.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Whenever the World Gets You Down . . .

Just remember this story about the tiger who lost her own cubs and fell into a grieving depression only to be saved by five little pigs who came to her aid as "cubs" in their wee tiger suits.

You never know where love will turn up or what it will look like, bit it is always there . . . waiting for you to notice.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

SOMEONEs turnin 50 in June...Make Your Reservations Now...

See her cook and Dance for only $125 per night...Just kiddin' Baca...You don't look a day over 30, Mama. Ruby loves you.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sander Alan Davis has Met His Match in The Coral Sands little Lola...our own little Heart Throb Beats Again

Alan cannot bare to leave his beloved. Thank God Jody was here to help in his separation anxiety. Lola told me to tell you she loves you Al.