Monday, April 30, 2007

The Coral Sands Vintage 1960s

Heaven Sent...

White Trash Patio Wild Life

Many of you, I believe, are aware that I have a White Trash Patio out my kitchen door. A place to Hideaway but still be outside. On that White Trash Patio the Wildlife can be entertaining. I have had quite a pussy posse. I have named upwards of 12 ferral cats. Many were initially born behind my washing machine...which wonderfully is outside. After watching these cats struggle to survive I decided to trap them and have them all fixed and then release them to my property. I feed them twice a day. Yesterday was indeed a sad day. I found my precious Baby Gray in the gutter...victim of a hit and run. We will miss you Baby Gray.

Bob Hope House Ruby and Kimberly Nichols

Kimberly Nichols and I caught smoozing at the Hope House Cocktail Party on Saturday night for the new Director of the Palm Springs Art Museum. Kimberly is the Palm Springs Art Museum's Director of Communications. Directly behind me is the world's most fantastic outdoor fireplace. At this moment Kimberly and I are both blown away this incredible property. We were all hoping that Delores Hope would show. Her publicist was there and thought there was a possibility.

Famed Artist Lynne Naylor M Modern Gallery

Saturday night after the cocktail party at the Hope House on Southridge I found my way to M Modern Gallery to witness first hand the solo exhibition of original paintings by Lynne Naylor revolving around drinking tea. The painting Lynne is photographed with is one of my favorites in the show and THE Favorite of brilliant art scout David the woman is having tea with a dragon. Brilliant imagery from Beatniks to Tea-ki (Tiki).
Lynne is an award-wining icon of the TV and Film Animation world...and a rapidly emerging talent in the fine art scene. Lynne is the co-creator of the cult hit...The Ren and Stimpy Show. She has also been a key character designer for Batman: The Animated Sreies, Powerpuff Girls, Samarai Jack, Clone Wars: The Micro Series and Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bob Hope's Honorary Oscar thru the window on Southridge

I thought this was a wonderful glimpse into Bob Hope's office on Southridge...his honorary Oscar visible to those standing on the viewing deck below. Gave me chills.

Ruby on Southridge at Bob and Delores Hope's

Last night's cocktail party for Palm Springs Art Museum's new director and his wife...Dr. Steven and Carole Nash was in the most remarkable setting. Here I am standing outside the John Lautner designed home on Southridge of Delores and Bob Hope. The grounds are immaculate and huge...eight full acres. Dig this waterfall...Palm Springs is amazing...That's why you all need to get here quick and travel to all of these amazing spots with Ruby and her herd of purse sized dogs...Louie, Lola and Lil' Dusty. Come on down.

John Lautner's Bob Hope House with Dr. Steven Nash and his wife Carole

Yesterday, thanks to my first husband in a former life, Jamie Kabler...I had the good fortune to be one of 50 people to attend a cocktail party at the Fabulous Southridge home of Delores and Bob Hope designed by John Lautner. This remarkable property set on eight acres was the backdrop for the introduction of Palm Springs Art Museum's new Director and his wife...Dr. Steven Nash and his wife Carole. Steven brings an impressive career record to the table. He has served as Director of the new Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas since January 2001. Dr. Nash received his BA cum laude at Dartmouth College and his PhD in Art History from Stanford University. They are absolutely delightful people.

Q's Fabulous brie and caper stuffed bread

One of the best party hors d'oeuvres conceived of by our very own "Q" (Susie Q Able). Beyond delicious. This was snapped up in a hurry at the "Come As You Were Party"
presented for Gretchen Sorensen.

Ruby and Mary Napolitano at The Bachelorette Bash

Mary Napolitano looking ravishing with the Rubes at the Bachelorette Bash for Gretchen Sorensen. Mary has a famous spa in Seattle. Everyone wants to go there.

Gretchen and Singin Texas Sally

The Gretch and Singin' Texas Sally at the Bachelorette Bash looking delightful at "the way we were" section of the pardoo.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Perrin Kaplan looking Dazzling "As She Was" as she is.

Perrin Kaplan looking fabulishious at the "As You Were" party given in Gretchen Sorenson's honor. (Long live the Bride.) Perrin fell in love with the animals of The Coral Sands...Louie, Lola and lil' Dusty. Perrin is an animal activist. She has rescued many a lost soul. We love you Perrin.

Someone's in the Kitchen...Q. Sally and Mel

The three kitchen Musketeers that partiscipated all weekend long in creating delectable munch and brunch for a hungry bachelorette MOB. Here we have Q (Susan Able), singin' Texas Sally (we couldn't have survived Karaoke Night without her) and Blonde Mel Williams. These gals are each and everyone amazing.

Clayton Lewis wearing Trina Turk at Barlow Wexler

The very handsome, highly energizer bunny, cabana boy of choice of the weekend Bachelorette Bash....Clayton Lewis photographed here with Ruby "Lu Lu" Montana. There were no other men allowed at this event. Clayton handled it masterfully whilst at the same time training for his Half an Iron Man Competition that is up and coming. Clayton is our kind of Sander. Dig that shirt.
By the way...this "Come as you were" party, section one, hosted by Q, (from Boston) for Gretchen Sorenson's bachelorette weekend was a ten as parties go. Thanks Q.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who's That Knockin' At My Door?

"Johnston"( to those in the know) is one of my all time favorite Sanders. She is in charge and then again she's not. She's always game. You say 60s...she becomes it. You say Pink...she's a flamingo. Johnston had the difficult task of organizing some 20 women to go here and there...and fill up every moment with interesting activities. She gets a 10...and what about the Outfit???? She had a bruise as big as Texas on her foot but she danced all night in these white boots to stay in character. No whiner here. Sorenson's Bach Bash would've fizzled (OK...SO MAYBE FIZZLED isn't the right word) without this inspirational organizational energy. We love you Johnston.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Old Friends in Town to Rock Davey's Hideaway

We wined and dined at Davey's and my lifetime buddies that trek to The Sands frequently (Bruce Colick, Vita Alea, and Ruth Warren.) Susie Nastali (Vita's sister-in-law and my long time bud from Kansas City) and her best friend Jane Creighton, (of Big Bear), had never been to The Sands before. They'll be back.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lukey In the Sky With Diamonds...

Lucas and Tom were thrilled to be in the pool here at The Coral Sands 24/7. Lucas is probably one of the youngest but most appreciative Sanders on the planet and it is great fun to watch him play with his wonderful Daddy, Tom, in the pool. They could show everyone a good time. Lukey in the sky with diamonds.

Okay, This Is Not PC

So if you're the PC type, please move on.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gretchen Sorensen and Ruby "get down" at the Bachelorette party

Gretchen Sorensen has more friends than the earth has people and they all adore her. Naturally they all flocked to Palm Springs for her celebration engagement to the adorable Gene Stout. Both of these 40 somethings have never married previously and have obviously found soul mates with one another. Three cheers for Gene and Gretchen. They plan to wed in Seattle this coming July. I will certainly be present. Can't wait.

The Wexler Steel Frame scene of The Sorensen Bash

Fab little Wexler steel frame...scene of Gretchen Sorensen's Bachelorette party bash the first night. Q found this adorable little rental party in the raquetclub area of north Palm Springs...albeit abit performs beautifully as a dance and dinner venue for 20 wild women.

Ruby "LuLu" Montana and Vita Alea with a part of Anita Lamert

Gretchen Sorensen and her Big Ideas blew into The Sands on Wednesday just in time for Vita Alea (one of Ruby's best friends in life) to catch the beginning of the festivities. Susan Able (known as Q, for Susie Q) hosted a 60s pardoo at her groovy rental property ( a Donald Wexler Steel Frame architectural cutie) The food was to die for...Melinda, Lisa and Q were on duty for that first rate performance...Caesar salad with a variety of toppings...yummy shrimp, grilled chicken and marinated beef...Bread stuffed with brie and o my.

Ruth Warren and Ruby Today (April 2007)

Okay folks...Ruth and Ruby update...I showed you then...this is now. My buddy since Junior High was in town this last week and did we ever have a wonderful time. Sander, Ruth Warren, comes at least twice if not thrice a year. This time she crossed paths with my dear friend Vita Alea which was magical for all concerned. We kept the White Trash Patio hoppin' till the wee hours telling stories. Ruth has just returned from a stint in Bolivia where she continues to work on her Spanish.

Howdy, Pardner!

Did y'all know The Coral Sands is home to a very fine collection of western art and memorabilia?


Ruby has been collecting for decades now and some extraordinarily fine pieces have passed through her hands. And although collectors have purchased many superior pieces, there's always something new to see at the Sands.

This is a great piece, sadly not one of Ruby's, but illustrative of the many fine works in the always changing display at the Sands. C'mon over and take a look.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joe "Mama" Cant and Ruby in 1975

This picture was just brought to Ruby by Loyal Sander and dear beloved friend, Joe "Mammal" Cant...It was taken in 1975 outside of Port Townsend on Marrowstone Island. The dear and very precious man is one of the duo that brought Dinah to light in Ruby's life. (By the way Ruby has been driving Dinah around nonstop...this delicious April weather is just divine.) Joe was Ruby's teaching assistant in Romulus, Michigan in 1972. He was the reason Ruby was named teacher of the year in Michigan. He made her look so good that she was actually nominated and won. Joe lives in Naples now and is an entrepreneur and inventor. Brilliant and equally insightful...kind and precious. Thank you Joe for being in Ruby's life. Joe's pardner in life is the Fabulous Gary Wilson who just called to let me know that he had completed my 2006 Taxes. I will be profiling Gary shortly. Ruby loves you Joe and Gary.

Good-Bye to Kitty Carlisle, Socialite

What's her line?

She was the last of the true New York Socialites--a group of influential, smart, and dedicated women whose imprint on the town will be felt long after they vanish.
Before the crass celebrities of today, the town was lit at night by socialites who made things happen: they gave to all the charitable causes, supported the arts, bolstered the early careers of emerging playwrights, painters, composers, poets, and writers.
They set the cultural direction of the town and were the cultural power behind wealthy, influential husbands. The great monuments of New York -- the Met, the Philharmonic, the Guggenheim, and others too numerous to name -- are their legacy to subsequent generations.

Unlike the celebrity women of today who are often of meager talent and zero philanthropic impact, socialites were dedicated to the city, not to fame. While today's celebrity occupies headlines for failing at rehab, stealing someone else's husband, making a movie that is a remake of a better movie from another era, the women of Carlisle-Hart's generation built things of substance and enduring quality to improve the city and the lives of those who live there. They were the early architects of women's philanthropy and we owe them a debt of gratitude for the many works they labored over so tirelessly.
Thank you, Kitty. We will miss you.

Living La Vida Motelier

The Coral Sands appreciates all the noire or vintage images that have represented the motel genre over the years and leaked into the collective unconscious.

We recently watched that classic Angelica Houston, John Cussack, Annette Benning flick "The Grifters." If you haven't seen it, it is dyn-o-mite. You just don't mess with Angelica.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We're Big Fans


Desert Spring

If you have never been to the desert in Spring, do it this year. It is beyond beautiful -- the colors, the textures, the sunsets -- all magnificent.
This is a great shot of Joshua Tree National Park, just minutes from The Coral Sands. Our guests love hiking this place and you can see why. The desert's Spring flowers are something to see!
Send in your own photos of the desert or your Cub Reporter articles and we'll put 'em up here.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ruth Warren and Ruby

Ruth Warren and Ruby have been friends since Junior High in Emporia , Kansas. Ruth arrives tomorrow, Sunday, April 15th after three months in Bolivia. Ruth lives in Denver and has been pushing herself hard with Spanish. Ruby and Ruth used to be in the same Spanish Class in High School and would ask to be seated when they would burst out laughing reciting "Hola Paco, Que tal?" Many years of rich friendship here. This was taken in 1980 or thereabouts.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Vita Alea and Bruce Colick Return to The Coral Sands

Vita Alea and Bruce Colick returned to The Coral Sands yesterday. They are extremely loyal Sanders. Bruce's mother, Eileen, is celebrating her 80th birthday on Saturday at The Living Desert where she is one of it's more knowledgeable Docents. Happy Birthday, Eileen. Bruce's entire clan will decend on the desert floor to roll this celebration into high gear. These are some precious moments. Vita's sister-in-law, Nurse Susie, (Susie Nastali) and her best friend, Jane, arrive tomorrow. We've got alot going on here at The Sands.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Someone's in the Kitchen...

Someones in the kitchen...
Dinah (and I think it is Ruby)
...our winner in the Name The Beetle Convertible Contest...Meet Dinah.
Our winner is KC Pony, Terri Montgomery. Congratulations, Terri. We are happy you will be joining Ruby at The Coral Sands to accept your prize of time there. The first thing you will receive is a ride in Dinah with Ruby at the wheel. Make your reservation woman...Thanks to the rest of you for playing. This is one of the most difficult things Ruby has ever done. So many wonderful submissions.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WooHoo! We Have A Name!

Watch this space, Cowpokes. An announcement is imminent! Ruby has selected a name for her new Bug. Simultaneous press releases will be going out from Abbu Dabbi, The Vatican, Paris, The Weimar Republic, New York, Milan, Hollywood, El Reno, OK, and, most importantly, the Green Formica Table in The Coral Sands kitchen.
Stay absolutely glued to this space. I mean it. Put on a diaper and don't move.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ruby and Loyal Sander Bethany Ryals at Davey's Hideaway

Last night Ruby was treated to dinner by her buddies and very loyal Sanders, Bethany Ryals and Vicki O'Keefe. Ruby had the King Crab legs and my were they delicious. Bethany is known to many as "Nature Girl" and pushes off Friday from Palm Springs to explore the Amazon in search of the very rare Pink Dolphin. She was a whale in a former life and follows their migratory patterns as she can. We love you Bethany

My Precious Family in Town at Sherman's Deli

My nephews, Nathan and Caleb and my Sister-in-law Janis darted south to Palm Springs to spend a week as they are very loyal Sanders all. The boys aspire to being pool boys at the ripe ole age of 15. They always head for The Sands at every opportunity for a little sun. They, after all, live in the rainy Northwest. As do many other loyal Sanders. Jamie Kabler (my first husband in a former life...and fondly referred to by me as First).took us to dine at Sherman's of our favorite desert haunts...oh that Matzo Ball Soup and those Reuben sandwiches. Janis and I used to ride freight trains together in the 70s...we are seasoned adventurers riding name was "Rails" and hers was "Tracks".

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Post Cards & Other Images of Our Town

There is so much available on the Internet now that captures the history of Palm Springs.

I thought it would be fun to take a tour of some of the finer examples of vintage post cards, illustrations, and architectural renderings.

This is fun. I promise you.

I Mean, Who Else Would Start Us Out?

The band man from Wisconsin.

Can You Dig It?

Sherm, lookin' good!


Haven't we all been there!

Whispers of Old Hollywood

The only thing that's changed is the car. Anybody know who lives here now?

; )

The Moderns

As you can see . . .

The 111 Comin' In

Love these old hand-tinted pics.

Thanks for Watching

Hey, that was fun!


Isn't this place just too much?


I LOVE it!


And a very special thank you to all the bloggers and site builders out there who are preserving these essential bits of Paln Springsianna. With out you, we'd be lost. Thank you.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Joey Reiter, Diane Mayer (Nancy's sister) and Nancy Burfiend

Joey Reiter and Nancy Burfiend framing Nancy's very glamourous sister Diane Mayer at their Dinah Bash. These gals are all accomplished and good lookin'.

Jay Jones, Diane Sexton and Michael Gricus Burfiend/Reiter Bash

Part of my wonderful Palm Springs family...Jay Jones, Diane Sexton and Michael Gricus. Michael does a mean Xmas dinner...might I add he has done food for 600 at some of Jamie Kabler's fabulous soirees...and oh, so creatively. Jay Jones is of course Interior Decorator extraordinaire and Diane Sexton is one of the only women I know that can build a house from the ground up. The world better watch out...she's in Architecture School. Diane and Jay are teaming up to give Palm Springs what it's been waiting for...Nancy Burfiend is in the picture about a winning team.

Barbara Bailey and Ruby at Joey and Nancy's Bash

So...the Woman that I ran into at the Nancy Burfiend and Joey Reiter Bash honoring The Dinah was the infamous Barbara Bailey of Bailey/Coy Books in Seattle. My buddy Carol Dunlap (co-owner of the Best Hardware store in California...True The Camelot Theatre)and I were talking when she asked me if that was Amy Alcott standing over there. I don't know Amy Alcott from a turned and asked the woman that I had known for 30 something years if she was Amy Alcott...she said "No, I'm Barbara Bailey." We had a good laugh as neither of us recognized the other(it had been some 8 years, afterall)...the irony is that we are both Hotel owners this very day. We have alot in common. Barbara's new venture, The ChevyChase Beach Cabins, outside of Port Townsend, Washington. Go see her.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Colonel Tom Parker's Legacy in these Hands...

Nancy Burfiend and Joey Reiter host the always Fabulous Dinah Weekend Cocktail party in their Swanky digs in Las Palmas that used to belong to Elvis' manager, Colonel Tom Parker...I was lucky to be in attendance this last Saturday night as we brought in The Dinah one more time...this party always has a mix of eclectic, interesting folk...and, I must say...there is always a surprise or two...this year it was in the form of a woman that I hadn't seen for years. My o my. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Seattle's 50th Mayor Paul Schell and his Gorgeous wife Pam

Seattle's 50th Mayor, Paul Schell, and his gorgeous, extremely gracious wife Pam were sited at Joey Reiter and Nancy Burfiend's very excellent party March 31st honoring the Dinah weekend. They are both working out three times a week with a personal trainer shows. They look fantastic. It is always great to see them. Most don't realize that Paul was acting Dean of the University of Washington School of Architecture and urban planning prior to his Mayoral stint.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sander Joanie Erickson Aces One from 170 Yards Out!

Eat your heart out Karrie Webb, Sander Joanie Erickson rapped one in from the 6th tee at Franklin Canyon for her first hole-in-one! We hope many more follow.


Chums Gay and Rebecca felt the achievement warranted a nickname and quickly dubbed their ace pal "Hole" to commemorate the spectacular shot.

The Three Amigas

Loyal Sander Rebecca "Peaches" Chekouras is flanked by her beloved golfing harem -- Gay Chung on the right and Joanie "Hole" Erickson on the left.
Just behind them on the 6th green at Franklin Canyon, Joanie's ball is sitting in the cup waiting for Joanie to come get her and give her a big smooch.
It could not have happened to a nicer Sander than our gal Joanie.

Now THAT'S A Pretty Sight!

It is such a thrill to post a 1 on the card next to your own name. Some golfers play a lifetime and never manage to do it. Hurray for "Hole" and a fabulous shot that will live on in Sander golfing legend for a lifetime.
Hooray, Joanie, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

We Have A Weiner!

We are proud to announce the winner of the "Name My Bug" Contest is The President of the United States, George W. Bush whose suggestion, "My Dick," proved irresistible to the judges.
Congratulations, Mr. President, and Happy April Fools Day to the rest of you!

It Is Sooooo Over

The window came down last night at precisely 11:59 p.m. and now the nail biting, pacing, fretting, anxious crying, constant e-mail checking, over eating, phone calling help lines, and general mood swinging can begin until a weiner is announced here by April 15th.
We had a great response and The Sands wants to thank everyone who played. We couldn't have anticipated all the amazing thought that went into this and we are just blown by your creativity and wit.
Y'all stay tuned.