Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hide The Breakables!!!!!

Tura Satana is in a mood... the mood for fun and relaxation at the Coral Sands that is!
We are all getting a little taste of her new film also starring Kitten Natividad, on Saturday night!

Russ Meyer Star Kitten Natividad Takes Palm Springs By Storm!

We all know the weather here is just perfect but I'd say this Kitten is bringin' on MORE HEAT at the Coral Sands! Kitten will be arriving on Saturday with Tura Satana - stay tuned for updates.

Russ Meyer babes Tura Satana & Kitten Natividad to hit Palm Springs this weekend! Sources tell us they are headed to Ruby Montana's Coral Sands Inn.Let the games begin!

Adorable Lil' Billie Holiday at 10 weeks...Ain't She Sweet???

Billie wants all of her fans to know that she is sleeping through the nights and playing with her soccer ball many times a day. She is helping Lola and Dusty meet and greet the guests. She is happy to be a part of The Coral Sands...and Connie and Terri AND Marcie...she misses you all terribly and is thrilled to hear you will all be coming for visits...She promises to be patient...xoxo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Billie Holiday 10 weeks...She is The New Pup at The Sands...Beyond Cute...

Lola and Dusty are being fabulous big sisters for Billie's entry into her new world at The Sands. When Connie (her foster mom) left this morning she howled up a storm and then curled up in the comforter in The Liberace Suite where she and Connie spent their last night together. She seems to love exploring her new world...but she is a little sad right now...That is all due to change...however.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Melvyns Piano Bar Katie Ledgerwood, B. Smith and Gene Stout...Wonderful Time Had by All...We were celebrating Katie's Birthday!!!

B. Smith Brought her sister, Katie, to The Sands to make her a Sander for her Birthday.
Katie lives in Wenatchee, Washington.

Dinner at Melvyns with (from Left) Sanders B. Smith, Kathleen "Katie"Legerwood and Seattle's Pop Music Critic Gene Stout (Gino Bambino)

Melvyns is a complete Palm Springs experience...Steaks named after women (Steak Diane) and Martini's big enough to float a boat...The Place was absolutely packed and that Sole Picata was outta this world...We moved directly to the Piano Bar after dinner...Fantastic. There was barely room on the dance floor and you can bet that we found it. Yessiree...

Connie and Terri are Getting lil Sarah ready for Her BIG TRIP TO PALM SPRINGS...

Sanders Connie and Terri of Tacoma, Washington are prepping little Sarah for her Big Trip to Palm Springs on Monday. Sarah (soon to be Billy Holiday) is coming to live with Gina LOLA Bridgetta and Lil' Dusty Springfield at The Sands. We are all giddy with excitment...What a little blessing. We are sure that Billy is the "love child" of Louie Lamour...Ruby's 21 year old chihuahua that passed away in July 2008. Actually...there are Louie sightings constantly at The Sands. Billy should arrive around 6 p.m. on Monday!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

AL GREEN-Take Me To The River

Everyone keeps asking me what is my favorite song of all time and I have to say..."Take Me To The River" by Al Goodness. Hard to beat it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


LITTLE SARAH (not for long...I want you to help me with a new name) is from Tacoma...her Mistress just crossed over and Connie and Terri (Sanders) thought that her new perfect home would be here at The Coral Sands...Ruby is certain that she is the Lovechild of her darlin' chihuahua, Louie Lamour, that passed away on July 20th, 2008. Only difference is that Sarah has long hair. She looks sooo much like Lamour. Let those names roll in folks...K.C. Pony...I am expecting you to get busy...Debra and Charlie...on it! Brian, David, Rebecca...come on all ya'll...give a shout out!! Sarah arrives on February 23, 2009. She'll be waiting to me each and every one of you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sanders Love To Junk...These Sanders (from left) Siouxzan Perry, Michael Okin, Steven Matthews and Donna MacKinnon at Houstons in Pasadena after....

scouring Pasadena City College Swap meet in honor of Miss Perry's Birthday...A great time was Had By All...Dinner at Houstons was fabulous...the cole slaw is legendary...
Ruby Found a Clarabelle Clown Lamp for The Howdy Doody Goes To Bali Suite...also a fun sign for that Howdy's water closet. You'll have to come to see it. Make your reservations now, Sanders!!!