Friday, May 29, 2009

Paris Renfrow, Ruby Montana and Lara Baca at Copleys on Palm Canyon...

Sander Paris Renfrow Celebrated her Birthday Thursday night with Partner Lara Baca and Several extraordinary Friends who flew in to celebrate...

Paris was generously gifted dinner at Copleys by her very good friend (thanks Pam) in celebration of the event. Here Paris (with her signature Jack and coke) and Lara (with her Pomegranite Martini) Toast to an excellent next year!
Happy Birthday, Paris!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stephanie Solien Finding Her Niche Here at The Sands...Come Back Soon Stephanie

Memorial Day @ The Sands...From L Erica Andersen, Shelley Markee, Lori Shannon, Erin Bayer, Kristin Hyde (Billie)Ruby Montana and Samantha Sauer

Sam and Kristin have been here all week...They were joined on Wednesday by Erica and Shelley...then on Friday by Lori and Erin (From S.F.)...Great time had by all...Weather really cooperating in the 90s...These ladies did some Bikin'.

Shelley Markee and Erica Andersen are Also Smitten by Little Billlie Holiday...

Old Friends Samantha "Sam" Sauer and Lori Shannon Make Great Use of The Turquoise Pool...Yes!

David Skillfully Putting Together Motel Chairs on The White Trash Patio...

Love These Chairs!!!

Kristin Hyde Has Fallen Head Over Heels for Little Billie Holliday...

My Friend and fellow Sander David Staskowski at Crate and Barrel Purchasing two Red Motel Chairs for His Precious Coral Sands...

Thank you, David! Love these Chairs!

Sanders Erica Andersen, Shelley Markee, and Kristin Hyde after Formulating Their "Coral Sands" Drink...Having a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend,,,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ruby Montana Suite Here at The Coral Sands...

Poodle Exercise with Humans

Siouxzan Perry found this amazing video that should be on a Constant Loop in "The They Run With Poodles Don't They Suite"...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stephanie Solien, Gretchen Sorensen and Terri Johnston at Spencers...Great Night

We headed to Melvyns from here to see Mikael Healey and his brilliant act in the lounge...what a treat. We'll be back there, and shortly!!!

The Girls, Stephanie Solien, Gretchen Sorensen and Ruby Montana (driving) on their way to dine at Spencers soft shell crab.

These gals have Spencers on their minds...Nothing like heading there in Ruby's Dinah...yesiree!!!

Jamie Kabler and Ruby Montana at Helene Galen's cocktail party

David Staskowski and Jamie Kabler were Also Sighted at Helene Galen's Cocktail Party

Fun was had by all...Jamie Kabler, longtime friend to Ruby and The Sands, helped to organize this cocktail reunion at Helene's...everyone thrilled to see one another again.

Helene Galen hosted a divine little cocktail party on Saturday night that included some of my Illustrious Guests at The Coral Sands...

Gretchen Sorensen and Terri Johnston are long time loyalists of The Sands...Helene certainly recognizes this and enjoys their company as well. Gretchen, Gene (her husband and Ruby's good friend), Q, Jamie Kabler and I all had Xmas Dinner together at Melvyns. Those connections go a long way toward making traditions. Thank you Helene for all that you do.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Morning Therapy at The Sands for Precious Sander David Staskowski...Ruby Therapy...

This Moteliere has decided to participate in her precious friend, David Staskowski's, stroke recovery therapy. Early morning, Ironing Pillowcases...late morning Making Beds...4 walks around the pool...Lunch...a little break...a dip in the pool...evening walkies with the pooches...
David...for all of you who know him...and to know him is to love doing a splendid job of recovery. We may be practicing in Dinah this week...part of his therapy...facing his fear of driving again...We'll see.
Today his reward was having lunch at Sherman's...Palm Springs institution...brilliant...he had one of their pastrami rubens...and cottage fries...ohhhh those pickles and sauerkraut!!!

David Staskowski, Little Billie Holiday, Chris Savage, Leanne Merkle and Tina Walters all Enjoying Time Together at The Sands

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

David and I had a Recreational Break Today and Went to Cabazon to Dine at The Wheel House Inn and see The Dinosaurs...Here David has captured...

David has captured Ruby with Dino and Dinah...Great fun.
These Evolutionary Spokesaurs are delightful...This one has a store in its belly. No, Ruby, no store just yet.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Ravishing Kim Buchanan reminds us...It's all about The Sunglasses in Palm Springs...

I hope you all see the built in salt and pepper case behind Kim made of Naughty Pine that Ruby trucked down from her old shop and Tom Perry made as almost an overnight sensation. He can do anything!!!

Ms. Buchanan is also a Bargain Hunter and spotted this in a local Thrift for a TRUE BARGAIN of $ do you beat that.
I say that's a Designer Bargain.

You all should put your parasols away and catch the next plane south to swim by day and junk when you've had too much. Ruby will show you the HOT spots.

Sander, David Staskowski, Loyalist, has arrived at The Sands and naturally...He is Wired, Folks...

David looks like a million bucks...even better than he did when he was just here a coupla weeks ago...He is tucked into The Howdy Doody Goes To Bali Suite and is one happy fella...We dined this evening at Roscoe's Grill...David had the infamous Ahi...Ruby the salmon. Yum. CJ Johnson is continuing to run a happening emporium and we are grateful that he makes such a marvelous effort there.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dwayne Tally and Leanne Merkel Know what to Do At The Sands AND how to RELAX....

These two are West Seattle Veterans...They were rain soaked and just had to have a little sun. We are providing just that.

Many of you Sanders may remember our Precious Beazey Boo

Stephanie Joret's precious Beazey Boo joined Louie Lamour in a romp in that place over the Rainbow Bridge...We will miss you Beaz...You were a jewel.
We think of you daily.
Your spirit certainly lingers here at The Sands. Steph, our hearts and thoughts are with you and this difficult loss.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Frank Sinatra - I Get A Kick Out Of You

It's all about that late afternoon Desert Air...Here's Ruby Driving Her VW Convertible, Dinah...shot by none other than the remarkable Ms. Debra

Debra has come to life in the last days shooting everything that moves...and in this case it is Ruby...These Convertible moments certainly are where it is at these days.
Thanks for capturing the moments, Debra.
Get down here and get into this convertible!!! Ruby will drive you by Marilyn Monroe's house which is just a stone's throw from the Coral Sands...

Who Could Fill This Chair But The Man Who Took The Shot Our Very Own David Staskowski....

David Staskowski is poised and ready to arrive at Palm Springs International Airport on Saturday Evening. He took this shot when he was here in April. He is returning in May. Halelujah!!!

You might remember that David and his partner, Brian Brock, were here just last month...and then again you might remember that the Right Reverend Ruby Montana married them here in September.
They did a Road Trip on the Blog down Route 66 that was not forgotten.

In October David had a Stroke. A Life Threatening Stroke. Ruby has been friends with David and Brian for years.

This was a terrifying moment for all of David and Brian's friends and family. We are soooo thrilled that David is recovering so well. So Well in fact that he is headed here on Saturday for a month. He was inspired by The Jackie Lee Houston Stroke Center. Here in Palm Springs people are given FREE THERAPY (thank you, Jackie Lee and Jim Houston!!!) after their own Physical Therapy ends. David needs to be inspired and I think he found his inspiration right here. We are sooo thrilled that this Sander has a place of refuge and Jackie Lee's Free Therapy to move him along. It's Off Of That COUCH IN ADRIAN...and on to Greener Pastures.
You Go, David Staskowski...Can't wait to see you work your magic!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Billie Holiday Has Found Her Zen Center Right Here At The Coral Sands...You will Too!

Little Billie Or Beee allll (Two Syllables) for Bill in Oklahoman...has truly found her comfort zone and is loving life here at The Sands...Her friend list is long and growing...
You need to meet Billie...she's waiting in front of The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Suite just for you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OK...At Midnight Last Night a Tag-a-Long to The Ronnie Joe Black "Trout Dinah" showed up in His Hat Tie and Polka Dots...Yikes...

Porgy O'Day (Kissed The Girls and Made Them Cry) scared the "H" out of all of us on the courtyard last night around midnight...
Makers Mark on ice...makin' his mark alright.
When the limricks began...I up and ran and heard him yell, "Sam"...
It went something like this...
"There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all of his cash in a bucket
But his daughter, Named Nan
Ran away with a man
And as for the bucket,
Apparently Porgy is bitter about Nan and is so into his Makers Mark that he's lost all sense of his surroundings. We'll let you know how tonight goes...
Always interesting here at The Coral Sands!!!
By The Way...Porgy is staying in the "They Run With Poodles Don't They Suite"...nothing ever felt so appropriate!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It Has Taken Me Awhile To Report on Ronnie Joe Black's "Trout Dinah" Dinner but This Photo of The Cocktail Hour Preceding It in The Liberace Suite...

spurred me on! Timothy North (left) of Fargo...and Lil' Billy Carr of Bakersfield...Long time fishing buddies of Ronnie Joe Black...met him here for the special dinner...Wow...A great time was had by all.
The loyalty these three share for one another is inspirational.
Plus...They Love The Coral Sands...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ronnie Joe Black is Back!!! We've been waiting weeks for him to come and prepare his famous "Trout Dinah"...old family receipe...

Tonight we will be dining in Style with the simple wisdom of the cookery skills of one Sander, Ronnie Joe Black. He is amazing.
You may want to sign up way in advance when I secure his future dates. He has a Sand Dab Dealorama so we be back frequently...The Sand Dab allows for 21 nights at a very low rate in a kitchen room.