Monday, February 25, 2008

Ginny Ruffner is Back...with Brad Jones at The Coral Sands

Jamie Kabler (First) at Spencers for Brunch on Sunday...

We learned that Jamie Kabler likes his Bananas within his French Toast Stuffed on Sunday at Brunch at Spencers.

Louie's new Babe...

This is Louie Lamour's current sweetheart...his little sailor girl. She
is a little whippet in a sailor suit. You will find Louis in the background of this photo.
What a doll.
This fashion show was a benefit for the new Palm Springs Animal Shelter...put on by the adorable new pet shop behind Koffi...Pawz...This was an incredible turnout in our fair city. Ruby Montana was one of the Judges. Louis participated. He looked stunning in his upside down tux.

Louie Lamour in a Fashion Show Finds the little whippet sailor girl fetching

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peaches Chekouras Shares These Photos of Her Birthday Party

To explain why . . .

You should never drink in front of children.

My wise-cracking little hair stylist and I share a laugh over the way my "do" turned out under her expert hands. Somebody needs a bangs trim and it isn't me!

This is the wild group that is at the Coral Sands right now...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Linda Ronstadt - Desperado

This song drug me to the womens movement...Take that dress off... Linda.....come on...we need to be tougher than you. Rubyxo

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jo Stafford - You Belong To Me

Happy Valentines Day Sanders! I love you all...Ruby

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Officer and The Gentleman of the Ruffner Entourage Charles McAleese.,

Palm Spring Weekend...Roller Derby Get Down at The Coral Sands

Roller Derby Queens and Their Men Takeover The Sands

Dale Chihuly, Phyllis Washington, Leslie Chihuly, Lisa and David Austin

Buddies Dale and Leslie Chihuly, Juanita Jimenez and Vicki Gray at Maison Felice in Palm Desert

Juanita Jimenez and Ginny Ruffner in Joshua Tree

Victoria Gray, Baby Statom, Therman Statom ,Ree Schonlau

Juanita Jimenez Amidst a Few of Her Ceramic Pieces

Juanita Jimenez Signature Vessel on her Compound in Joshua Tree

Juanita Jimenez Studio Bed with Two Ceramic Groupings

Two Angels...Ginny Ruffner and CeeCee Ponicsan