Thursday, April 30, 2009

Charles Peterson Daddy to Baby Felix and Husband To Momma Mascha Snapped this remarkable pic of his two Favorite People in The Pool of The Coral Sands

Felix, Mascha and Charles had a great time frolicking in the pool at The Sands this week. Felix' first airplane ride, first pool dip and first real vacation.
Great shot, Charles...Thanks for sending it in...

nouvelle vague "dance with me" from bande a part

One of my favorites...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charles Peterson (Mascha Kroenlein's Husband and Rock Star Photographer) with his son Felix...They have been enjoying the pool all this week!!!

Sander and New Mama, Mascha Kroenlein and Her Darlin' Hubbin' Charles Peterson accompanied by nearly Three Month old Baby Felix have been at The Sands

It has been sooo much fun watching Mascha, Charles and Baby Felix and their little family pod ooohhhing and ahhhing in the pool and it's surroundings...precious stuff...They did an everyday pool thang with Felix...went to The Palm Springs Art Museum to see the amazing photography show their right now of Robert Maplethorpe...went to the Air Museum (Charles is addicted to Airplane stuff)...dined at various PS Haunts and came away really liking Cheekys...I second that vote! Charles don't forget to send me pictures as my camera is still locked in the pink mode...I need to see your little pod family on the Blog!

The Coral Sands...

Sun, Sun, Sun...all all the time...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tinkerbelle Found after Being Whisked Away by The Wind!

I do believe this is a Chihuahua before being Windswept...I am referring to the "Hot Off The Press" story that Sander B Smith sent in with regard to the chihuahua Tinkerbelle who was returned today to her owners after being swept away by winds.
thank you to B Smith for keeping us well informed here at The means a great deal.

Tinkerbelle the Windswept Chihuahua is Found!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009
Wind-tossed chihuahua found safe; owners credit psychic
Candice Williams and Christine Ferretti / The Detroit News
Waterford Township -- Two days after Tinker Bell, a six-pound chihuahua, blew away in high winds at the Dixieland Flea Market, her owners found her safe and sound about three-quarters of a mile away. The Rochester couple credits a pet psychic for the discovery.

"We were shocked when we found her," said Dorothy Utley, 72, Tinker Bell's mother. "You don't know how happy we were. We love her so much."

More than 50 volunteers helped Utley and her husband, Lavern, search for their dog, who blew away in 70 mph per hour winds Saturday.

After speaking with a pet psychic from Holly, Utley said she and her husband headed to a wooded field on the opposite side of Dixie Highway. There, they found Tinker Bell. The black and brown long-haired dog was very dirty and hungry.

"That dog was so happy," Utley said. "She just went wild. She was so hungry and we had to bathe her."

Market Manager Joe Goldberg said the whole event was phenomenal.

"It seems like (the dog) is her whole life," he said of Utley.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doug, Brian and David at The Pussycats, Dolls and Vixens: An Artists'Tribute To Russ Meyer at M Modern Gallery

Doug flew in from Seattle to spend some time with Brian and David at The Coral Sands...and to see the Pussycats, Dolls and Vixens: An Artists' Tribute to Russ Meyer at M Modern Gallery Hosted by Kitten Natividad who, by the way, was also staying at The Coral Sands.
The show at M Modern was a big success thanks to the teaming of Jay and Mishell Modern, Siouxzan Perry, David Wills and many remarkable artists such as the one pictured here behind the boys in the hood. Ruby was at a party for a Board of The Aids Assistance Program that Ruby sits on, Evening Under The Stars at The O'Donnell Golf Club. A remarkable party under the desert stars that involved an auction and dinner/dance entertained by the phenomenal Mary Wilson (The Supremes)...It was a great success and was extremely well attended and raised alot of money for a cause that all recognize is an important one in the world. Siouxzan Perry captured this wonderful image of the boys superimposed on top of a painting of Tura Satana ( a Sander) Russ Meyer's number one star. All that live here or visit should visit the show...amazing!!!

April and May Bring on The Cactus Blooms at The Coral Sands and throughtout the Valley...This one is a Sander!

David Staskowski Took this pick very early one morning...Whata pool...Whatareyawaitin' for Call Ruby now...Get some long needed dry out time...

in a pool chair next to this luscious pool. Ruby is waiting for are Lola, Billie and Dusty. We'll show you are real good time! Promise.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Tommy Reid sent this pic of he and Ruby in Tonight from Seattle...he was here last week...Wonderful visit.

Little Tommy Reid sent this pic in tonight from last week's visit...Great to see Tom. Ruby loves you. Tom and his partner David Marzullo own
Seattle's best store...Deluxe Junk...visit it tomorrow in Fremont...Brillance abounds. I miss you Tom...I miss you David!!!

David Staskowski and Ruby in Dinah...Another Fabulous Convertible Night in Palm Springs

There is nothing like a convertible in Palm Springs in April at Twilight...The air gently moving the hairs on one's arm.
Incredible. Brian Brock snapped this shot of us just before dinner last evening.

Sander Brian Brock in Hip new eatery in Palm Springs called Cheekys...Dig the orange plastic chairs...


We all got manicures and pedicures this morning as we are going to Jim andJackie Lee Houston's tonight for Cocktails honoring the Angels and Sponsors of The Aids Assistance Program...Ruby is on the Board and is taking David and Brian.
We are having lunch at the new Ace Hotel with old friend from Seattle. Ruby has to clean rooms in the middle of this and is thrilled that Kim Darby ( Emmy and Grammy Award winning nominee and actress) is checking in later this afternoon for several days. Also Kitten Natividad will be returning on Saturday for the Pussycats, Dolls and Vixens Show at M Modern Gallery: an Artists' Tribute to Russ Meyer. Kitten Natividad will be hosting this wonderful event!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

David and Brian had a late Brunch today at Cheekys...a fab new spot on Palm Canyon...David caught Brian lounging around after Brunch

This artistically inspired astro turf covered lounge chair is among Ruby's favorite public art works in Palm Springs. Apparently Brian felt the same way about it.

Ruby's Newest Lil' One...Lil' Billie Holiday chillin' in the doorway of They Run With Poodles Don't They and The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Suite...

Billie is a real sweetheart...just loving The Sands...Can't you see the contentment in her pose.
David Staskowski took this shot this morning. Brian and I were just staying...since his stroke he has developed and even better "eye" for imagery...and who would've thought that could even be possible???

My Dear Friends David Staskowski and Brian Brock to us to dinner at one of our Favorite Restaurants in PS...Copleys...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brian Brock and David Staskowski Have Arrived at The Coral Sands from Adrian Michigan...

Brian and David have arrived from Adrian, Michigan...They were married here in September and as you can see continue to be a gleeful duo. They were famished when they arrived and before I could whip out a poopoo platter they were eating the only other piece of something on the property...The Dairy Queen Cone...Yum. We're now grilling ahi and fresh corn on the cobb...Wish you were here.
TaTa for now!

Evening Under The Stars...the BEST EVENT IN THE Saturday night at The O'Donnell Golf Club...Mary Wilson is Singing...

This event (the best event in the desert) is sponsered by the Aids Assistance Program...(Ruby is on the Board) and is for a very worthy cause...providing food vouchers for those living below $18,000 per year with Aids.
Mary Wilson is our guest performer as we dine, dance and drink under the desert stars...Should be a swell night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Voca People

Coming To The Coral Sands as soon as I can get a Contract for Sundays at the Sands.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

These Two Stools in The Liberace Suite Have your names on Them!!!

Call Ruby Now and Reserve The Liberace Suite Toll Free at 866 820 8302!!!
You won't believe the frame on the King sized is out of This World!!! Full sized kitchen with all the pots, pans and utencils you could ever need to rustle up some grub.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Connie Turner is back in the "They Run With Poodles Don't They Suite" tonight with her poodle Jeanine...

Connie is here for Coachella and had hoped to have the energy to go see Paul MaCartney tonight but started reading that Nancy Drew mystery over again from Ruby's gift shop and's Nancy or Paul...Nancy or Paul...
Nancy it is.
So. We'll have to hear from the other guests who will surely bring back the dirt...will Ringo Starr really show up and sing with Paul...and the latest rumor is that Michael Jackson will join them on stage. These rumors often come true...I'm just stayin'.

Big Dog House Part 1/2

I'm working with Lola, Dusty and little Billie.. We'll have a movie in the bag by the end of August.xo

Kim Malek is drinking in The Magic of The Sands she's off to The Coachella Music Festival...she is seen here with The Sands Fabulous Security Guard

Kim knows she is always secure with Lola at her side...The Sands own wonderful Yorkihuahua...Lola was a rescue some years ago from Palm Springs own Bath and Brush Grooming Parlor...She came with a bejeweled water bowl and a sack of toys. Her mistress was in her 90s and died on the operating room table. Lola was then orphaned...What a life she has now. She used to be named Fendi...Kind of Palm Springs appropriate to be named after a Hand Bag and a Corporation...
Kim works for Bono.
She has two pugs...she plans to bring them back to The Sands.

My Widdle Baby Billie Holiday here with Loyal Sanders Taya Mays and Cherri Trusheim...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics)

This is very heart warming and brilliant. Sander Kim Buchanan called me to remind me to put this up on the Blog. Ruby loves Susan Boyle!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seattle's Little Tommy Reid and Ruby have been cutting Quite a Rug here at The Coral Sands...

Yesterday Tom and I drove to Yucca Valley on a Junker's Mission. Perfect Dinah Top Down Day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Have a Sanders Special at The Moment...Sleeping on the Patio in a Lounger with Your Dog $29.95...Hose yourself off before bathing in the pool.

Rosemary Higgins and her Dachshund Higginsbottom (where did that come from???) asleep on a lounger poolside. The weather is so perfect it does not even require a sheep...Pillows are $5 extra.
Call Ruby now with your credit card to reserve space on the patio!! Bring your Dog!
866 820 8302

Liberace With His Fan Club...My o My...What a Neighbor for The Coral Sands...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of many Sanders here At The Coral Sands for The Dinah practicing their putt in their rooms...Look out!!!

The Dinah is in Full Swing and So is Rosalie Harris...(full swinging, that is)...She takes the same room every year so that she is certain she can practice...Her favorite is naturally the "They Run With Poodles Don't They?" Suite.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Dinah makes For Creativity with Pool Games What Won't They Think of...

You go Sander Millie Smith...Thinking up the use of two floatation devices to keep your game out of the drink. They played all afternoon and people were careful not to splash them. These girls might be mean if their board got wet. After they enjoy the sun and splash they intend to go to Davey's Hideaway for Crab legs and a martini...Yum...They like the rat pack enviroment and Bob Crowley on the piano...

The Dinah 2009...The Girls are already Gettin' down at The Coral Sands...

The gals are starting to check in for The Dinah...perfection...Soon they'll be diving into That Turquoise Pool...