Friday, August 31, 2007

ally mcbeal - in search of barry white

Men in Bathrooms seem to be a theme this week. Ruby

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Amanda "Panda" Veith (Ruby's God Daughter) dancing at her mother (Vita's) Wedding to Bruce

People have asked for a current pic of Panda Veith...Here she is in all of her spirit glory dancing at her mother and pardner's wedding celebration in Madison, Wisconsin. She and Elle made the dance tapes and there was no one sitting still...certainly not our girls. You go Panda.

Loyal Sander (and God daughter) Amanda "Panda" Veith celebrated a Birthday on August 20th...Here she is on her first birthday...with Peter (Ruby's Ex)

This was a big month for Amanda, my Panda Veith...she turned another year older...and wiser...Here she is on her first Birthday with my Sweet Ex Husband, Peter, entertaining her. Amanda produced a film in The Palm Springs Short Film Festival that aired in the Favorites last night. People raved...It has won festivals all over the Country (Austin, Chicago and so on... )Way to go, Panda. It was also Directed by two other Sanders...Johnathan Browning and Leslie McManus. They are wonderful and were here for the festival staying at The Sands.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Doris Day

Ruby is Turning Sixty on October 5, 2007...Ruth Warren and Ruby

Ruby is turning Sixty on October 5th...
As a gesture of generosity her friends... Ruth Warren (pictured here with Ruby) and Rebecca "Peaches" Chekouras are taking her to Paris. Ruby will be at The Sands for her Birthday but will leave for Paris on October 17th for a week. Ruth bought Ruby's ticket to Paris and just sent her the Itinerary. Ruby hasn't been to Europe since 1970. Rebecca (her photo will be featured here tomorrow) is paying Ruby's stay in Paris. These are some wonderful friends to have.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hippo That Lives In A House

Our cub reporter in the field Paris Renfrow has brought this amazing video to my attention...thanks, Paris

Whilst in Seattle Ruby saw her Ex Husband...Who works at The University of Washington Medical School

Here we are Peter (Ruby's Ex Husband) and I with his dog Sybil in 1969 Ann Arbor, Michigan. We married in 1970 and moved to Chicago lived in a Brownstone in Old Town.
While in Seattle last week Peter and I had coffee. It was wonderful to see him. These are the threads of life that are so important.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Kind of a Bizarre photo of my Friends Trish Ready and Linda Dershang at Linda's new Tavern in Ballard...King's Tavern in Seattle

Linda has some five bars in Seattle right now.
Linda's Tavern was the first.
Trish Ready wrote a compelling column
for The Stranger for years. Very talented woman.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Greer-Solien Family for Gretchen Sorensen and Gene Stout...Here's a handsome trio...Bob Hudson, Sharon Mathison and Kevin Martinez

Sander Terri "Johnston" with Ruby at Frank and Stephanie's Rehearsal Dinner Bash for Sorensen/Stout in Seattle

This had to be one of the parties of the year in Seattle and elsewhere on earth. Ruby and Johnston were there, afterall.
Beautiful, gracious home and setting on Queen Anne overlooking the Majestic Olympics...Food by Dane the Main Sorensen...Delicious and Plentiful...

I kept hearing this familiar sound of a box bumping into something

I kept hearing this familiar sound of a box bumping into something...I went into the living room and there was lil' Dusty Springfield with her head stuck in the box of kleenex...I like to have died laughing...but of course did the rescue...
She's always into mischief of one sort or the other...

My God Daughter Libby Knudson and her good dog, Tango

Visit Libby's workshop and showroom on 4430 Corliss Avenue North in Seattle...Wonderful Place. Wonderful Gal.

Jerry Chinn's Rentable Ballroom in Georgetown...Seattle...Fabulous

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sirens of Venus

From the Studio of Steven Greaves...a Sander Loyale...Please monkey see is fabulous...Ruby

Brilliance in Seattle...Deluxe Junk by David Marzullo and Lil Tommy Reid

If you are looking for a pair of wild ass sunglasses...a vintage chihuahua collar...a Heywood Wakefield Eames Screen with perhaps a Nudi Suit thrown over it...Run right down to Fremont in Seattle Because it's the best store in the world and it's owners...David Marzullo and Little Tommy Reid are the best Gents in all of the land. Ruby Loves You Guys.

One of Dale Chihuly's Fabulous Vintage Scores...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ruby and her sister-in-law Janis and her brother Hashly in Poulsbo, Washington

Gathering at Volterra in Ballard in Seattle...Don Curtiss and Michelle Quisenberry's Genius Italian hot spot

Vicki Gray,(The brilliance behind Adventures of The Mind) Bryan Hunt, (Part of the brilliant team at Microsoft that invented the Flight Simulator Game) Barry Rosen, (represents the estate of the amazing Modernist painter Eva Hesse among other things)Ruby, (Moteliere)Leslie Chihuly(fellow Okie...went to Vasser...beautiful and brilliant...the good woman behind Chihuly) and Jamie Kabler (Ruby's first husband in a former life...inventor of the Hollywood Diet...Director of Protocol in Gerald Ford's White House) gather at the wondrous Volterra....5411 Ballard Avenue in Seattle for poo poos and drinks...Oh for some of their Housemade

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It Was 30 YEars Ago Today

That Elvis got a gig on another planet. Here's a quick peak into the notorious Jungle Room--the ultimate White Trash Patio. We miss ya, Elvis, ya hunk-a hunk-a burnin' love.

Mark Murray Roasts and Toasts our Groom Gene Stout

Mark Murray Roasts and Toasts our Groom, Gene Stout, at the post wedding bash at Ponti...and with young ones watching...This was a KEY RECALL...which I guess is standard protocal for newlyweds to require that all the keys that are STILL out there in the hands of others...Must be Called home. I believe I counted 20 something keys...Mr. Stout...I was especially disgusted when Gretchen's mother handed her key over...and Yes...I had one too. Come Clean, Gene.

Four Happy Campers...Ponti After wedding celebration

Jamie Kabler, Gretchen Sorensen, Gene Stout and Ruby M. at Ponti in Seattle after the big Wedding hooo haaa at Bhy Kracke Park on the East Side of Queen Anne Hill.
The menu at this bash was outstanding...but of course...nothing could ever out do our man for All Seasons...Dane Sorensen...Caterer/brother of the Bride...who did the Friday night blow out extravaganza at Stephanie and Frank's...This group appears to know how and who to do everything well with...That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gretchen and Gene... The Big Day....How's about that Packard???

The Happy Couple...Queen Anne...July 28, 2007. Congratulations.

Jamie Kabler, Ruby M., Susan "Q" Able, Sally Reavis and Mary Beth Brady...

The fun at this wedding and all of it's various events was never ending and the endless supply of good souls, excellent food, strong drinks and good music...The Dusty 45s (the band playing the Science Writer's party in a Seattle bar the night Gene and Gretchen met)...This was a wowser weekend. Here a group of us congregate for a sigh a group hug.


These two fabulous souls have finally tasted the cake and the champagne this moment the party has moved to Ponti where we were all reveling in the excitment of this collaboration. Two of the sweetest mover and shakers the planet has come to know makin' it over each other and planning to keep the summit meetings under one roof. Congratulations Gretchen and Gene. We're all for you two.

SAM (Seattle Art Museum) A Constellation of White Ford Tauruses

When one travels with Mr. must do art...which is agreeable with me...I would rather not miss a thing. In this case the fabulous new SAM (Seattle Art Museum)Show starring nine flying white Ford Tauruses intertwined with ribbons of light and hovering inside this brilliant new gallery space. They are part of an art piece by Cai Guo-Queng, a Chinese artist who lives in NYC...very interesting...tho controversial. (some of you might recall...I used to drive a white Ford Taurus...)

Ginny Ruffner and Jamie Kabler in among the Grapes and Mixmasters of Ginny's creation

Jamie and I got comfy right away in amongst the grapes and the mixmasters of Ginny Ruffner's marvelous creation that is her building/studio in Ballard. This woman is super human. Martha Stewart eat your heart out. Ginny has five apartments in her building and was kind enough to let Jamie and I squat in one of them for a week. The routine was every morning Mr. Kabler would go swimming at the Athletic Club in the neighborhood and then head home with cappacinos and pain au chocolate...yum. We could get used to this.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Ballard Treasure is a shop owned and conceived of by the brilliant Curtis Steiner...Souvenir

After Besalu we did a quickstop at Curtis Steiner's phenomenal shop, "Souvenir"...He does these wonderful handmade cards there that are brilliant...also jewelry...and certain other oddities. My current favorite shop in Seattle.

Seattle's Ballard Boasts the Best Bakery...Long live "Besalu"

Cafe Besalu was another tip from hipster Graham Graham...hiding there on 24th on a tree lined street in Ballard were the best Coconut macaroons I've considered selling my soul for. We had trouble holding back from buying one of everything in the pastry case. James Miller's Besalu...right up the street from the red headed naturist's hang out...positions the prep area for all to watch...when we wandered in James had his long fingers wrapped around a stiff piece of dough and his wife was cutting up these yummy fresh peaches...A must for your Seattle experience. We were thrilled to be staying in Ballard after the morning with Graham and Ginny.