Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our December Bride, Sander Mary Reese, makes her Grand Entry with her Very Proud Father...

Mary Reese chose to get married at The Coral Sands...She knew the magic of this place and wanted to get herself some. What a beautiful wedding she imagined and got!
Lucky Mary and Frank. They are very happy today. Bless them, all of you.

East Wing of The Sands Looking Elegant This Evening Draped in white for her December Wedding!

Winter Wonderland December Wedding set-up at The Sands

The Excitement is building as we near the 3 o'clock hour this beautiful Saturday in December.
Frank and Mary are about to get hitched. In preparation for anything we "Tented" Baby. Heaters galore as we intend to party thru the night. Santa's already here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Wedding at The Sands...Bride and Groom's Table

We had to make it look like snow was covering the umbrella...with icicles...leave it to Jay Jones...designer extraordinaire to do just that...The place looks like a winter wonderland for Bride and Groom Mary and Frank who plan to Charleston down the red carpet and is it a long one!!! These festivities are such a joyful expression...and I'm thrilled they are happening at The Sands!!

December Wedding at The Sands...Bride and Groom's Table Ready for Mary and Frank

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look ALOT LIKE XMAS!!!

Blue has gone Red and the Trees are Pink, Red and Orange...
What fun we are having!

Can't wait to have you visit The Coral Sands...Each room is especially decorated with you in mind!!

Pink Tree Up!!!

Pink Tree Up! Decorating elves abound lead by Jay Jones the Designer Extraordinare!
Lots of fun. Frank and Mary's wedding is Saturday and we are doing a Palm Springs Over the Top Xmas for Them!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

San Francisco's Amazing Google Girls...Betsy Beyer and Christina Agular...we here this weekend...

Great to see my girls Betsy and Christina...Always bubbling over with life's energy and excited to taste what others offer. We made a visit to Trio on Sunday evening...Delicious and great company!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shelley Glendening and Susan Bernauer Have Arrived at The Sands!!!

Shelley Glendening and Susan Bernauer have arrived at The Sands at Long Last. They have taken up residence in The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Suite.
It has been some 12 years for this reunion to take place with Ruby and are we having a great time. Of course we took in Davey's Hideaway last evening to see Ruby's wonderful friend Bob Crawley tinkle the keys...Yes, the Crab legs....Yum.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tom Perry Demonstrating That The New Bar (that he installed) In The Liberace Suite Works!

Yesiree Folks...she works. This beaut of a Bar in the Liberace Suite installed just today is already workin' Hard! Tom Perry is here to show you that all of that hard work pays off!!!
Tom found, salvaged, stored and today installed this beauty in the Liberace Suite.

Thanks Tom!xoxo

The Liberace Suite has really Scored in the Last Two Days!!!

One would've thought a new O'Keefe and Merritt Range would've been enough for the Liberace Suite for a few days...but...not so.

Loyal Brother/Sander Tom Perry found this exquisite bar...button fronted...tucked...and it just screamed he salvaged it from a job he was working on...He's a contractor you know. At any rate it goes handsomely with the Mae West stools. Martini anyone? It looks like it was just always there.
xoxoThanks Tom! He says it's Xmas and Birthday!

Liberace Suite Gets a New Stove!!!!

Ruby scored this 1953 O'Keefe and Merritt yesterday in Palm Springs...(Craig's List)...Gorgeous condition. Lights up like a Xmas Tree. In perfect working condition. The Gas Company passed her with flying colors. What a beaut!
Tom Perry was on the Install crew...along with John Bennett, Tino and the guys that delivered her. Thanks to you all...As you takes a village!