Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

866 820 8302 Call Ruby Now...

Don't forget the June special.
Two nights stay at The Sands...the third night free!!!
Come on out!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am running a June Special at The Coral Sands...Stay two nights get The Third Night Free..

The weather is Gorgeous...
Call Ruby Now!

Our Road Warriors "Team Dyer" are now in Oregon and Heading Home with Jan. They are making good time...You go girls...

Jan apparently is doing well and her three Road Warriors doing a great job of Bringing her home...Pam and Anna seen here through Julie's lens... You go girls!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Team Dyer" arrived at The Sands yesterday Julie Keim and Anna Iverson...along with driver Pam Weishaar

Last night Julie, Anna and myself dined at Daveys Hideaway...They have a limited time here at The Sands as they are on a mission. Old friend Jan, Seattle...was in a serious auto accident in Joshua Tree a month or so ago and is unable to fly home...these good buddies came to her rescue...rented an RV and are taking Jan home...You go girls and HURRY BACK!!! Pam Weishaar didn't arrive until about 12 midnight last night...she drove the RV down from Seattle...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ruby and Her Gaggle of Pups...Billie Holiday, Gina LOLA Bridgetta and Dusty Springfield...

The excitment is pretty high around here on any given moment with Billie, Lola and Dusty in the mix. What fun we do have. CeeCee Ponicsan took this pic! Thanks, CeeCee!

Ruby Is Thinking About Her Coffee Service At The Viennese Coffee House in Palm Springs Yesterday...

This is a must...It is only 87 degrees in Palm Springs today...Gorgeous...Had to head to The Viennese Coffee House on Indian Canyon yesterday for some delicious espresso. Everything about this place spells classy. Love it! You will too!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wilson...I told you that you should've gotten these glasses at the antique mall!!!

Wilson...I may have to go back and get these glasses for you at Grandma's Antique Mall in Temecula!!!
We miss you already!xoxo

Can You Guess Where We Are??? OK These Two Characters...Sanders...Stacey Wilson and David Staskowski...

We snuck outta dodge and headed to Temecula (h) for some junking and lunch at Bob's Big Boy Tuesday...We scored an incredible Tiki Mask that is already installed on the exterior wall of the interior courtyard of The Sands...brilliant.

Stacey just boarded her plane to head back to Seattle...She did a million things while here...including replacing the Top on the little Coca Cola table...Fantastic.

Tomorrow at 7 a.m. David Staskowski Leaves Palm Springs After a Month ...

I am so happy that my friend David Staskowski has been able to spend the last month here in the desert with me at The Coral Sands. David had a stroke last October and though his therapy ended in Michigan we found that Jackie Lee Houston's Stroke Recovery Center here in Palm Springs provides FREE physical therapy to stroke victims as long as they want to use it. David even had a personal trainer. He has taken all of this very seriously and has made major overall improvements since arriving. He has taken over my laundry and ironing duties almost completely. I will be at a loss without him and his cherubic nature...Sigh...I do know one thing...David is BACK!!! Thank the Heavens!!!