Saturday, March 31, 2007

Daughters of the Dinah, Unbound!

This just in from The Coral Sands Cub Reporter Allison Gegan, our own Ali G!
The New York Times
Photos by Angela Jimenez for
The New York Times
April 1, 2007, Palm Springs, Calif.
ON Thursday night, as a D.J. played the 1986 Beastie Boys hit “Girls” at a divey downtown gay bar here, a handful of women, in knee socks and miniskirts, tattoos and fedoras, jumped up on the stage to dance. On the floor, dozens of women in tank tops, jeans, boots and body jewelry followed suit, grinding up against one another in threesomes and pairs, singing along: “Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls!”
In the next room, on a platform, a bikini-and-fishnet clad go-go dancer did a push-up while balanced on one foot, then jumped up to wiggle her behind at an appreciative crowd of women waving cameras and $20 bills.
Welcome to Dinah Shore Weekend, or, as it’s better known, lesbian spring break, which concludes today. An annual pilgrimage for more than three decades, it has attracted thousands of adult women to this mountain-ringed Southern California desert town, which becomes a destination for lesbians looking to party, socialize and hook up.
The name comes from the Kraft Nabisco Championship (formerly the Dinah Shore Golf Championship), the first stop on the Ladies Professional Golfers Association tour, which happens concurrently a few miles away.
In the years B.E. (Before Ellen DeGeneres), the Dinah was the province of mostly polo-shirted women seeking a low-key weekend getaway. Now, in the years A.L. (After “The L Word”), it has been transformed into a fashionable bacchanal, nearly a week long, with celebrity guests like Carmen Electra and Joan Jett, large pool parties and dozens of corporate sponsors, who vie for the attention of a community that is suddenly much more visible, and visibly wealthy. It’s Girls Gone Wild for Girls (and Marketing).
“It’s greater than a party,” said Mariah Hanson, a promoter behind the festivities who works under the name Club Skirts. “It’s a really powerful weekend that’s making a statement that we’re having a good time, and we’re going to be together. And there are a lot of major corporations here, and the more corporations embrace this market, the more it shifts everything. It gets us closer to civil rights.”
“It’s a lesbian rite of passage,” agreed Julie Bolcer, the news director of Go!, a national lesbian magazine, who came to the party. “This year I find that the amount of attention that is being paid, the sponsorships that are behind it, it’s almost palpable. If one were going to go to the Dinah, this is the year to do it.”
Just a decade ago, Sports Illustrated caused a financial and social brouhaha with an article in its golf supplement about the party circuit and its affluent, hedonistic attendees. As one of the first mainstream articles about the event, it drew the ire of prominent sports agents and advertisers, one of which withdrew more than $1 million in business, charging that the magazine had a “condescending mindset” toward women’s golf.
A few years later, the tournament’s name was changed to the Kraft Nabisco Championship, a move some party supporters considered a blatant attempt to create distance between the two events. (Terry Wilcox, the championship’s director then and now, said the name change was merely a way to emphasize corporate involvement. The tournament, which attracts about 60,000 spectators, has never had any connection to the parties, he said. “We have a golf tournament here in Rancho Mirage, they have their parties in Palm Springs,” he said. “If their attendees are golf fans, they’re more than welcome here at our golf tournament.”)
But after maintaining a resolute distinction for years, a marketing arm affiliated with Nabisco approached the promoters behind the Dinah weekend for the first time this year to discuss cross-promotion of the championship and the parties, the promoters said. Though nothing came of it, the promoters were excited to have even been approached. Many guests at the Dinah are not aware that this series of comedy shows, jazz brunches and cocktail parties coincides with a golf tournament. Instead they focus on the other facets the week is famous for: having a carefree good time and building community.

“Here, women get to be themselves without any sort of discrimination, in numbers that are staggering,” said Sandy Sachs, who throws parties under the name Girl Bar with her girlfriend and partner, Robin Gans.
“With the advent of ‘The L Word,’ ” she said — referring to the series on Showtime that puts a sexy, contemporary gloss on lesbian life — “it’s brought us more to the forefront, but it’s always shocking for people when they come. They’re always like, ‘are all these people lesbians?’ Of course they are.”
For her part, though, Ilene Chaiken, the creator of “The L Word,” was modest about the impact of her program “I think it’s grandiose to think that we created this,” she said. “I think ‘The L Word’ reflects the culture.” Ms. Chaiken herself is as ready as anyone to tap into that culture: she is attending the Dinah for the first time this year, mainly to promote a new lesbian social networking Web site,, which began as a plotline on the program as one character’s chart of hookups and is now part of the show’s marketing repertoire.
After the Dinah party — or a simulacrum of it, filmed in Vancouver — was depicted in the show’s first season in 2004, attendance at the real thing promptly doubled, to 2,500 people from 1,200 at the splashy Saturday night party alone. The effect has hardly waned; in fact, it has increased, attracting more attendees each time the cast members appear — as they did this year. (The parties began Wednesday and end with some rock shows and pool parties today; all in all, the promoters expect to play host to nearly 10,000 attendees.)
The promoters bill the event as the world’s largest lesbian party and have made a concerted effort to market overseas. Women from Australia, France and Switzerland — where “The L Word” is just starting — as well as from places like Milwaukee and Kansas City, Mo., are joining in. Both sets of promoters said they expected this year to be their biggest yet, with about 4,000 guests each at their main parties on Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets for those cost $65 and $75 each; some women pay as much as $1,500 for V.I.P. tickets for the week, which includes concierge service and front-row seats for every event. Once an advertising pariah, the event has become an attractive place for companies to promote their wares, from clothing boutiques and brand-name liquors to television shows and sperm banks.
Among the biggest changes of the post “L Word” era, said Sivan Schlecter, a marketing consultant who has helped companies like Showtime and Logo, a gay and lesbian television network, promote events here, is that “corporations pay a lot more attention to it.”
She added: “With the increase of lesbian visibility, brands now realize that women are a part of the gay market, not just men.”
Yet market research on the size and scope of lesbian spending power is not readily available, said Joie Pompilio, a brand manager for Finlandia vodka, Girl Bar’s largest sponsor. Nonetheless, she said, her company is excited about working with the gay and lesbian audience.
“They’re loyal consumers and they’re really open to trying new and creative cocktails,” she said. And since Finlandia also sponsors the men’s White party, a gay circuit event that takes place in Palm Springs in April, Ms. Pompilio is able to do some armchair market research. Her conclusion? “The women drink 40 percent more than the guys.”
The Dinah is even robust enough to sustain competition: two years ago, the main promoters — Ms. Hanson, of Club Skirts in San Francisco, and Ms. Sachs and Ms. Gans, of Girl Bar in Los Angeles, worked together for 15 years before splitting up. “It’s like a marriage gone bad,” Ms. Sachs said.
The cause was irreconcilable differences as they worked together to build the Dinah from a niche event into a juggernaut. Now they have rival parties, one-upping each other on flash, conviviality and convenience, and jostling for the best guests, like Carmen Electra, Sandra Bernhard, Joan Jett and the cast of “The L Word,” who came to the Club Skirts party this year). . .
The breakup was hostile at first: papers were served, a lawsuit was filed and a settlement ended that chapter of the dispute. After some initial confusion about whose party was whose, the crowd seems to have taken it in stride. “If anything, I see it as a tremendous benefit,” said Ms. Schlecter, who has been attending for a decade, most recently as a collaborator of Ms. Hanson’s. “The parties have gotten bigger because of it, and when there’s competition, they have to outdo each other.”
Of course none of this — the rivalry, the sponsors, the debauchery — competes with the event’s real attraction: girls, girls, girls. “I’m newly out to my parents, so I decided to come to the most extravagantly lesbian thing I could,” said Keely Thomas, 23, a freelance writer who had driven from Austin, Tex., with a friend in the hope of finding a hook-up. At the first meet-and-greet on Wednesday, dozens of women drank margaritas, posed for photos and flirted voraciously around the curvy pool at the Wyndham resort. All wore nametags bearing colored dots: green meant available, yellow meant approachable and red was for don’t even try — though many tags were plastered with a rainbow of dots.
By the Thursday night opening parties, the mood was even more unrestrained. Gail Schamanek, 57, a general contractor with elegantly close-cropped silver hair, a matching gray silky blouse and dark glasses, has been attending Dinah parties — and even some golf matches — since 1984. “This is the best women’s week on the planet,” she said, keeping her gaze focused on the go-go dancer’s platform. “Lots of eye candy.” She nodded in the direction of the dancer, who was busy doing splits, gyrating and taking money out of people’s mouths with her own.
“She’s very talented,” Ms. Schamanek said. She pulled a wad of bills out of her bra, folded a $5 bill and moved closer to the platform.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bobby Appelbaum and Gloria Greer

Bobby Appelbaum has been trying to adjust to Palm Springs for months. I think he is getting there. Bobby tries really hard. I love him for that. He came over to see the Coral Sands the day after this photograph was taken. He was very supportive and seemed to understand it on a level that gave me great pride. Thank you for that, Bobby. Bobby is a soulful man. Bobby is a food broker. His family owns Applebaums in Minnesota. He has been surrounded by family and friends of a lifetime until taking the Big Leap to move to Palm Springs. It's a lifestyle adjustment that many could not make. Bobby is married to the very colorful Shari Applebaum. Sitting next to Bobby at The Palm Springs Art Museum Gala is Gloria Greer writer for Palm Springs Life. Gloria is an amazing energy. Ruby loves these two.

Phyl Stewart...loyal Sander is getting down on the Blue Guitar

Phyl Stewart getting down outside of the B units. Ruby found this Blue Guitar with Tommy Reid (of Deluxe Junk in Seattle)...Phyl is the first person to get it down and play it. Go Phyl. We love you Phyl.xo Your family at The Sands is cheering for you.
xoxoRuby, Louie, Lola and Lil' Dusty Springfield

Ruby and Diane Sexton at Dania Duke"s Dinah Kick off Party

Dania Duke had 40 something guests from all around the globe last night to kick of the Dinah Shore/Nabisco Golf Tourney...What a spread...even a DJ (Christine Dura) mixing great tunes. This was a great way to kick off the had by all.

Ruby's cactus at The Coral Sands are Bloomin'

All you Sanders will be happy to hear that the cacti are in Bloom at The Coral Sands and what a feast for the eyes. We have 90 degree temps today and all The Dinah Guests are in the pool.

Loyal Sander "Delta" Dawn Bern celebrates a Birthday

Loyal Sander, Delta Dawn Bern, celebrates another wonderful year today. She and Randal are in her new RV somewhere near Santa Fe celebrating this milestone. Happy Birthday, Honey...and honey, when you get back to Palm Springs could you move that hose for me? I love you Delta Dawn...Lola sends smooches as do Louis and Dusty. xoxoxo

Last Year's Dinah

This is such a great event here in the desert. We love it! Plus, there's a hint in here for those of you playing this week's R U Hip contest. Shhhhhh!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good God, Y'all !

Howdy and Whewh! We are full up now with the Dinah in full swing out at Mission Hills (I'm bettin' on Grace Park) and the White Party right behind (where else would the White Party be if not behind--okay, just kidding).
But we are leavin' the light on for you! Get yourself down here. The Coachella is comin' right up and the music is outstanding. Opera in the Park for you classical buffs and, hell, just sitting in the sunshine for you sorry souls stuck in Northern California right now!

Doesn't Ruby look great here? She just had her hair done for the next in a Cinderella string of galas and parties. Now who is the real Queen of the West, hmmmmm?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Loyal Sander John Bennett and his pug Stella

Seattle man, John Bennett is a loyal Sander. He spent the last few days "perfecting relaxation". He and Stella needed some hammock time together. John owns The Luna Park Cafe in Seattle and had Juke Box City for years specializing in Jukeboxes, carnival rides, pinball, large signage. He is now responsible for most of all the cool development of Georgetown in Seattle. Georgetown is one of Seattle's best last undeveloped areas. We love you, John.

If Everyone Would Just Take 3 Seconds Today

What good Sanders you all are! Surgery was very successful!

To pause for a moment and remember all the women who have gone through this epidemic and say a prayer of gratitude for those who are still with us.


In particular, if you could just close your eyes and say "Lovely," to help a friend who is having a mastectomy today, I would be so thankful.


I love the Sanders -- each one of us so very precious.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brokeback Lola

I know there is a movement afoot to bring back Brokeback Lola...soooo here she is in all of her Glory...
Purse sized for almost every room here at The Coral Sands. Lola is one of Ruby's precious "herd". She loves playing "dress-up". Anything to please anyone. Her Indian name is "Hojangles". That's our girl.

People, I Can't Even BEGIN to Describe April!!!!

The White Party, Palm Springs
Palm Springs White Party
Dates: April 6-8, 2007
Phone: 1-888-777-8886,
Location: Palm Springs Convention Center, downtown Springs, Ca.
The 18th annual White Party with a sizzling array of DJ's and guest stars. Highlights include non-stop pool parties, music, and entertainment by some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.

The Coachella:Coachella Music Fest 2007!
Complete Line-up Of Coachella Musical Acts, Bands & Solo Artists
Coachella Music Fest 2007!
Dates: Fri., April 27 to Sun., April 29, 2007 - near Palm Springs in Indio, Ca.
The Coachella Music Fest Location: Empire Polo Field, Indio, Ca,

Annual Coachella Music Festival coming to the Empire Polo Club for another great showcase of modern rock and electronic bands — the cutting-edge music of this genre. This year's Coachela Music Fest, Coachella Music and Arts Festival, also known as "The Coachella" features artworks, food and camaraderie in a beautiful setting. 81-800 Ave. 51, Indio.
Bands & Solo Musical Acts for:
Friday, Apr 27 include: Sonic Youth, Tilly & The Wall, Julieta Venegas, We Are Scientists, Tokyo Police Club, Rufus Walnwright, Gillian Welch, Amy Winehouse.
Saturday, April 28: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Black Keys, Blonde Redhead, Bojones, CocoRosie, Cornelius, Decemberists, DJ Heather, Fields, Roky Erickson and the Explosives, Fields, Girl Talk, Justice, Gotan Project, Kings of Leon, LCD Soundsystem, Pop Levi, The Rapture, Peter Bjorn & John, Hot Chip, The Good, The Bad and the Queen, Jack's Mannequin, Regina Spektor, Tiesto, Tavis, VNV Nation.
Sunday, April 29: Rage Against the Machine, Air, Erol Alkan, Lily Allen, Anathallo, Avett Brothers, Manu Chao, The Coup, The Cribs, Crowded House, CSS, Explosions in the Sky, Fair to Midland, The Feeling, Lupe Fiasco, Jose Gonzales, Grizzly Bear, Happy Mondays, Richie Hawtin, Infected Mushroom, Junior Boys, Kaiser Chiefs, Klaxons, Kokono No.1, The Kooks, LCD, Amos Lee, Mika, Willie Nelson, Placebo, Damien Rice, Rodrigo Gabriella, Roots, Sattelite Party, Soulwax, Spank Rock, Tapes n Tapes, Paul Van Dyk.

Indio Desert Circuit Horse Show
Dates: 2007 Dates TBA
Phone: 760-775-7731
Location: HITS Desert Horse Park, Palm Springs, Ca.,
81-500 Avenue 52, Indio, Ca, 92201
A six week hunter/jumper horse show attracts more than 2000 horses annually. Known as the largest event west of the Mississippi. Each January, riders and horses from all over the world travel to Indio to compete at the Desert Circuit

Opera in the Park
Palm Springs Opera Guild of the Desert
Event Dates: April 15, 2007
Show Hours: 12:30-4:30pm
Phone: 760-325-6107
Location: Sunrise Park, Palm Springs
A Palm Springs celebrated and seasonal musical event, the Palm Springs Opera Guild of the Desert presents musical programs to students who are bused from schools throughout the Coachella Valley. The Opera Guild creates an interest and a love for the arts in children. Free & open to the public. Palm Springs Opera Guild, Opera in the Park, Phone: 325-6107.


Current Field 101 Players
Shi Hyun Ahn (2)
Amy Alcott (1)
Helen Alfredsson (2)
Kyeong Bae (5)
Marisa Baena (2)
Tina Barrett (5)
Brandie Burton (5)
Nicole Castrale (5)
Silvia Cavalleri (5)(a)
Rebecca Chekouras (whim)
Esther Choe (13)
Il Mi Chung (5)
Paula Creamer (2)
Diana D'Alessio (5)
Heather Daly-Donofrio (2)
Laura Davies (5)
Dorothy Delasin (2)
Laura Diaz (2)
Wendy Doolan (2)
Moira Dunn (2)
Meghan Francella (2)
Yuri Fudoh (15)
Julietta Granada (2)
Natalie Gulbis (5)
Sophie Gustafson (2)
Hee-Won Han (2)
Tracy Hanson (5)
Marcy Hart (5)
Rachel Hetherington (2)
Maria Hjorth (5)
Jin Joo Hong (2)
Amy Hung (5)
Pat Hurst (2)
Karine Icher (5)
Juli Inkster (1)
Mi Jeong Jeon (11)
Jeong Jang (2)
Young Jo (5)
Lorie Kane (5)
Jimin Kang (2)
Soo-Yun Kang (2)
Cristie Kerr (2)
Birdie Kim (2)
Christina Kim (2)
Joo Mi Kim (2)(a)
Kimberly Kim (13)
Mi Hyun Kim (2)
Young Kim (5)
Carin Koch (2)
Candie Kung (2)
Brittany Lang (5)
Jee Young Lee (2)(a)
Jennie Lee (13)
Meena Lee (2)
Sarah Lee (5)
Seon Hwa Lee (2)(a)
Taylor Leon (13)(a)
Stacy Lewis (13)
Brittany Lincicome (2)
Leta Lindley (9)
Hilary Lunke (2)
Meg Mallon (2)
Catriona Matthew (2)
Patricia Meunier-Lebouc (2)
Ai Miyazato (5)
Janice Moodie (2)
Becky Morgan (5)
Liselotte Neumann (2)
Gwladys Nocera (10)
Lorena Ochoa (2)
Shiho Oyama (6)
Se Ri Pak (2)
Angela Park (8)
Gloria Park (2)
Grace Park (2)
Hee-Young Park (12)
Nicole Perrot (2)
Suzann Pettersen (5)
Stacy Prammanasudh (2)
Morgan Pressel (5)
Reilley Rankin (5)
Michele Redman (5)
Jennifer Rosales (2)
Kim Saiki-Maloney (2)(a)
Dewi Claire Schreefel (13)
Nancy Scranton (5)
Ji-Yai Shin (12)
Aree Song (5)
Annika Sorenstam (1)
Angela Stanford (2)
Sherri Steinhauer (2)
Sherri Turner (5)
Wendy Ward (2)
Karrie Webb (1)
Linda Wessberg (10)
Lindsey Wright (5)
Young-A Yang (5)
Sung Ah Yim (5)
Sakura Yokomine (11)
Sun Young Yoo (5)
Heather Young (2)
Veronica Zorzi (8)

Categories of qualification:1. LPGA Tour Hall of Fame member 2. Winner of official LPGA Tour event, (2002-2007) 3. Past Kraft Nabisco Champions 4. LPGA members who finished in the top five in the previous year's LPGA major championships 5. Top 70 from 2006 Official LPGA Money List at the conclusion of the ADT Championship 6. Top-three players on the Rolex Women's World Rankings as of March 5, 2007, not otherwise qualified through the 15th position. 7. LPGA members listed in or tied for the top fifteen (15) positions on current year's Official LPGA Money List 8. LPGA members in or tied for the 20th position in the previous year's Kraft Nabisco Championship 9. LPGA member who did not compete in the 2006 Kraft Nabisco Championship due to injury or illness 10. Top two (2) players from the Ladies European Tour Order of Merit in 2006 who are not otherwise qualified. 11. Top two (2) players from the Ladies Professional Golfers' Association of Japan in 2006 who are not otherwise qualified 12. Top two (2) players from the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association in 2006 who are not otherwise qualified. 13. (a) Amateurs 14. Non-LPGA professionals who finish in the top-five in the previous year's LPGA major championships 15. Non-LPGA professionals finishing through, or tied for, the 20th position in the previous Kraft Nabisco Championship.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Leonardo Marmol and Alisa Becket's "Desert House"

This is another view of Leo Marmol and Alisa Becket's Desert House. This shows a little of the interior furnishings (also designed by Marmol Radziner) that really complete the Whole design of this remarkable gem. What a perch and what a view this place enjoys.

Leonardo Marmol and Alisa Becket's "Desert House'

This is Leonardo Marmol and Alisa Becket's famed "Desert House" completed in the Springs of 2005. This is a Pre-fab home that the Architectural firm completed in their own studio Marmol Radziner and Associates...This brilliant pre-fab serves as a proto-type for others. This is the most brilliant new construction to happen in the Desert since my arrival here. Very exciting stuff.

Shari Appelbaum and Jamye Jesser at Museum Gala

Shari Appelbaum and Jamye Jesser both looking so elegantly frocked at The Palm Springs Art Museum's Artists and Legends Gala. (click on this picture to make it bigger). Shari is wearing a dress by the team of British born Georgina and Keren of Marchesa.
Palm Springs is quite the 42,000 people town. My o my.

Leonardo Marmol and Alisa Becket at the Museum Gala

Leonardo Marmol and Alisa Becket at The Palm Springs Art Museum's Gala of March 24. Leo of the leading Architecture Firm in L.A. (Marmol Radziner and Associates) and Alisa (who was the fabulous manager of travel programs for The Museum of Contemporary Art) before their child arrived...Both of these people never stop their creative energies...a lucky union. Marmol completed the couples's Desert House a stunning prefab in the Spring of 2005. Alisa has experience in the Architecture realm...her Grandfather was the famed Welton Becket designing such icons as Capitol Records, the Music Center, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Bullock's Pasadena, the Beverly Hilton and Century City.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Museum Gala...The Other End of Shari Appelbaum's Fab Foot

Our Tables seemed to be having the Most Fun at The Artists and Legends Gala thrown by The Palm Springs Art Museum to Honor Frank Gehry, Dennis Hopper, and Ed Ruscha. Here you will find the other end of Shari Appelbaum's fabulous foot in yet another "happening designer dress" (how does she do it folks?) with Dwell Architect of the Year Leonardo Marmol looking dapper as always and so very happy...his wife Alisa Becket is in the background talking to Leonardo between them is Patrick Mundt's twin sister from Boulder. Leo and Alisa's daughter is now 16 months old and enjoys visiting their desert home. Click on this picture and make it bigger.

Foot Fetishist Jay Jones Caught at Museum Gala

Foot fetishist, Jay Jones, caught in the act with the help of the fabulous foot of Shari Appelbaum at the incredible Gala thrown by The Palm Springs Museum tonight in Palm Springs. Shari Appelbaum, always on the cutting edge, does it again at tonight's affair...what a fashion statement. Most people at this event forgot completely about what they might do with their feet. Not Shari. Jay Jones is always there to notice every little detail. Jay is wearing Trina Turk. Click on this photograph to make it larger. You will see Bobby Appelbaum, Shari's husband in the background.

Coral Sands has Gone To The Pugs

Pug, Stella Bennett, has done a virtual Takeover at The Sands. Just try to get a pool chair tomorrow. Stella is always there, in the pool chair with her Bloody Mary. People have tried getting up really early to no avail. There Stella is again, floating endlessly in her pool chair...she's not giving it up. We love you Stella. John Bennett brought his beloved Pug down on the train from Seattle to benefit by a little pool relaxation. I think it is working.
Love you Stella...xoRuby.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

OK, Pipples, We're Just About Outta Time

Last call for names!!!!!!

.March is wingin' away fast and that means we're about to bring the window down on the naming contest. If you haven't entered yet, it's simple:

Hit the comment button below, post your suggested name, add your own e-mail so we can find ya, and watch this space.


.Winner gets a FREE Friday and Monday add-on to their paid weekend stay at The Coral Sands, accompanied by the hottest little snausage we've got, the one and only Lola. She will wear her widdle pink dress and lick your toes until you scream. Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. March 31, 2007. Names must be submitted by Comment to this blog posting to be eligible. No phone calls, no e-mails, no faxes, or in-person name suggestions accepted. Ruby reserves the right to select the winning name. Winner will be notified by e-mail and announced here on the blog before April 15, 2007. Extended stay prize must be used within 12 months of notification as winner.


Contestants may enter as many times/names as they wish.

Ruby and Seattle's "Goddesses"

The "Goddesses" hit The Sands like clockwork every year from Seattle. They are each and every one simultaneous bolts of lightening and rays of sunshine. Ruby is elated at the prospect of their arrival each and every time it finally comes around. They arrived on Thursday, March 22 and ran away to Pioneertown with Ruby almost immediately to see Jesse Sykes. They fill there time with a myriad of Friday night they managed to make it to Imago Gallery's opening with Frank Gehry, Dennis Hopper and Ed Rusha. They've already made some local friends. Ruby loves her Goddesses.
From left to right...Frida Weisman, Lucy Johnson, Michelle McCormick, Carole Leake, Ruby and Phyl Stewart.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pappy and Harriet's present Jesse Sykes (far right)

Last night we loaded the cars at The Sands with loyal Sanders, all, and headed to Pioneertown to see Seattle's legendary, sultry, balladeer, the exquisitely beautiful and exceptionally sweet Ms. Jesse Sykes. Her new Album, "Like,Love and Lust" is said to be Seattle's shot at Best Album of the New Millennium. What a wonderful performance. Jesse just happens to be buddies with my God daughter, Libby, (previous Clam fear photo) so it was a sweet first time meeting for Ruby and Jesse. Frida and Phyl are part of a group of Women from Seattle called the Godesses. They just arrived yesterday afternoon. Phyl is a singer, herself and is responsible for rallying us all to Pioneertown.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Faithful Sander Libby "Libster" Knudson and her dog T-Bone

Keep Clam! Ruby's God Daughter and faithful Sander, Libby Knudson and her faithful dog facing one of her big fears...Clams. I think they have finally faced this fear and moved on. Way to go T-Bone...
Libby lives in Seattle and was Ruby's genius of Upholstery in The Pinto Pony for year's always whipping out those Virgin Mary Chairs and Dog's Playing Poker Settees. She now does a killer Mud Flap Girl Recliner with Flames.
Her website:
and Buffalo Girl Furniture
Toll Free 1 877 292 6647
4430 Corliss Avenue North
Seattle, Wa. 098103 (206 282 6647)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ruby Makes The Desert Magazine Click on the Pic

The Desert Magazine just did this wonderful article on Ruby in this month's issue. Show a bit of The Sands. Very Pink and Aqua. No, there is not a fan blowing my hair...that's the real wind. Can't you feel the pool? It is absolutely gorgeous right now and all of the guests are in the pool...
Click on Ruby to read the article and create a larger format.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Coral Sands Pays Homage to the Motel

We'd thought you might enjoy a little review of the motel genre, particularly the fabulous California highway architecture that made the motel mythic.
The Sands is proud of its heritage and wants to show itself off against a backdrop of some really classic motifs.
I think you'll agree, however, that The Sands is the pinnacle of the motel life.
Enjoy the show!

For the Wee Ones

The Keebler Elf slept here in this charming tree house.

It's small, but magical.
Theme rooms abound in the small motels dotting California and The Coral Sands pays homage to the vision and artistry of some very funkengroovin motilers over the years.

Our theme rooms take their place in a long heritage of fabulous whimsy and delight going back to the mid-20th century. The Sands, of course, is eternal.

Barney and Fred Do the White Party

Loved the CAVE Room idea these folks have going on with the skins and boulders.

Interesting theme, the lamp is, however, inauthentic.

Elvis Slept Here, Or Not

This would be the Buffalo Room. Love the carpet.

Night Descends Upon the Motel

I can just hear that neon humming all night in my tired head while I'm trying to sleep.

A Real Queen of Motel Design

I don't need to say a thing about this baby. What a beauty, and not a hair out of place.

Mid-Century Classic

This is another beauty from California.
The Astro!

The Peter Pan

Here's a sweet one for all you Wendy's out there dreaming on the moon.

Geez, Some People

Sander Peaches Chekouras sent in this picture of her cat, Busy Bee, "working" in the garden. I have it on good authority that "Busy" is actually the laziest animal on the planet.
Some people just cannot bear to see a working dog get it's due.
So, if you've got a pet that's cuter, get a photo on over here and we'll get it up for ya.

Ruby after just rescuing little Dusty Springfield in Emporia, Kansas

KC Pony sent in this endearing little picture of The Sands own little Dusty Springfield. This is Dusty with Ruby just after her rescue returning to her new home from Kansas to California. Her first time on Route 66. Can you believe that anyone would push this dog out of a car in front of me in Emporia, Kansas? KC Pony and my good friend Karen Hopper Carns helped me rescue our littlest angel. She's adjusting daily. She was very scared at first. My little herd is growing (now Louie, Lola and Dusty. Pamela Challender (loyal Sander) called yesterday from Northern California and needs a home for a lil' Yorkie that is a wee bit older that Dusty (his name is Odie) four might be a purse dog Sanctuary. We love our little Dusty Springfield.

Monday, March 19, 2007

KC Pony and Ruby on Pony's 50th Birthday Celebration At The Sands

KC Pony (Terri Montgomery) and Ruby sharing a celebratory moment on Pony's 50th Birthday. KC Pony is a loyal Sander and spends most all her special occasions here at the Coral Sands. Ruby is grateful for her friendship. This summer when Ruby faced the task of taking down the Installation that was her parents' life in Emporia, Kansas, KC Pony was there for days helping to make sense of this daunting task. She then helped Ruby drive a 12 foot trailer West to California with the threads of her parents' lives. Now that's a friend. We love you KC Pony.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Give Us Strength Through your GOOD VIBRATIONS

As we all enjoy "Sixty Minutes" this leisurely Sunday evening I want you all to take a moment to send some GOOD VIBRATIONS to Loyal Sanders and wonderful friends "Babe/The Sheriff Cathi Anderson and her pardner in life the fabulous "Baldy"Carole Sullivan. This photo is shared by their Best Friend "Lily" a realllll sweetheart. (That's another story)...Anyway today (Sunday) Carole is receiving "the juice" (chemo) as these two affectionately call it at The University of Washington Medical Center. This is to battle Carole's Ovarian Cancer. She is doing really well. Cathi tells me that Carole met a woman experiencing a similar scenario and that they tried to "out talk" one another. I was happy to hear that. We are all thinking of you two and visualize great strength. Go Cat Go. I love you.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Loyal Sander Graham Graham with Beached Whale

Loyal Sander Graham Graham after the opening of Miss Copper Gate in Seattle. I'm sure this is a metaphor for the exhaustive process of creativity. Miss Copper Gate represents many long hours of planning and process. She is located on 24th Street in Ballard. Run over there right this minute. Miss Copper Gate (the original owner of the Bar) was said to ruin many a good man's home by her Naturist tendency. She was said to tend bar naked from the waist down. We'll query Graham for more details on this. Click on this photograph and it will get bigger. Way to go Graham. Graham is also responsible for other remarkable projects in Seattle...The Crocodile Club, Mo's, Thaiku and La Carta de Oaxaca. Meanwhile he lives part time in NYC and is Donna Karan's right arm. Keep it up Graham.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Mrs. Clark...New Addition to The Poodle Room

Happily Ruby hung Mrs. Clark in the "They Run With Poodles Don't They Suite" just recently. Ruby and her buddy Tom Reid of Deluxe Junk fame in Seattle (fab store) scored this piece at Angelview Thrift Store in Yucca Valley. Apparently Mrs. Clark was quite a socialite at one time. Ruby was happy to release her lively spirit out of the high desert and bring her home to the elegance due her in the Poodle suite. I am certain you will all adore her.

Liberace's Grand Piano Mail Box still present at the Mansion

Here we have Sander, Kiki Lenoue, having made the stroll over to the Liberace Mansion and appreciating one of the several "Wonders" there. This is the grand piano mailbox that is still present in front of the home.

The Liberace Mansion

The Liberace Mansion is only one half block from The Sands. Even those in total relaxation mode can make this tiny jaunt to see the rose garden and gaze into the doorway.

Michelle VanCaneghem's Liberace Suite Moment

Michelle VanCaneghem (a part of Kiki's Tribe) fit in perfectly to her Liberace Suite at The Coral Sands. Here she is toasting with her "coraly looking concoction"...From here I suggested that Kiki and Michelle take a stroll to the Liberace House (his first in Palm Springs) that is only a half block away from his memorial suite here at The Sands.

Kiki Lenoue and Ruby's sock monkey, "Lola"

This is Kiki Lenoue in her Sands pad, The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Suite. They loved every little knick/knacky detail. Kiki and company got up at the crack to do yard sales and scored mightily in the world of Tiki collectibles. Great fun was had by all.

Kiki Lenoue's Tribal Gathering at The Sands

Kiki Lenoue and her tribe from all around California did a virtual TAKEOVER of The Coral Sands the weekend of March 9th and 10th. Kiki and David are from NYC.
From left (this looks like a Bennelton add)Dana and Mike (aka DJs Mardou and Leo) Michelle (wrapped in a towel)Kiki (wrapped in Pucci), David, David's sister Michelle and Quique, DJs Domenic and Becky. Quite obviously this Tiki Obsessed group enjoyed wonderful music thanks to a shared passion for music...interesting excursions...and simple hangout time with one another in the pool.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Loyal Sanders Steve, Anne and Lil' Johnny Haertle

Loyal Sanders Steve, Anne and Lil' Johnny Haertle are visiting the desert from San Carlos, California right this very minute. This, however, is a photograph from their family album of three years ago. Lil' Johnny Haertle is walkin' and talkin' and REALLY enjoying the pool. Steve and Anne followed me to the Desert after being really Big Pinto Pony fans. Anne collects mermaids (among many other things)...Steve's a big Kiss fan. They are wonderful folks and come frequently...They are part of this wonderful fabric of family here at The Sands. I love you Haertles!

Grilling Madness...Sanders Jeanie Veal and Bob Prebble

Loyal Sander Jeanie Veal visited The Sands the first weekend in March. Jeanie hails from Seattle and is an extremely colorful, brilliantly warm woman from "The South" with three equally beautiful and colorful daughters. (One of whom is Hannah who is my God daughter and a loyal is Elizabeth and soon to be God daughter...and the third I have yet to meet but hear she is equally fabulous)...Jeanie is an Artist (with a capital A)...she welds, tiles, paints, etc. Jeanie is also an interior decorator and is currently doing her brother's pad is L.A. Jeanie recently split with her husband of many years. She brought Robert Prebble with her this time...they have been enjoying themselves for several months. Robert is from Seattle and a very lovable "Can Do" gentleman. He passes this first go-round with flying colors. Robert's adorable Daughter ,Mia, joined us for a couple of nights. She's in school at Redlands.

Sanders Elizabeth Veal and Kim Buchanan

Sanders Elizabeth (God Daughter title shared with KB) Veal and Kim Buchanan burned up the tables round here playing Scrabble into the wee hours. Kim hails from Vashon Island and is a teacher at a wonderful little private school in Seattle used to be named "Happy Medium". I cannot for the life of me remember what it's new incarnation has left it titled. (Well since this earlier post Kim has contacted me and I hear the school...Happy Medium is now called Giddens School.) Regardless...everyone says she is an incredible teacher and there have been many a testamonial here at The Sands. Elizabeth (originally from Seattle and Sander Jeanie Veal's daughter) lives in L.A. and is an aspiring make-up Artist. This was her first visit to the Sands and I do believe we have a convert. Kim and Elizabeth were here the first weekend of March.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sander Kiki Lenoue at a local antique mall

Sander, Kiki Lenoue, finds the perfect vintage piece of luggage on a swirl through antique malls and estate sales in Palm Springs this last weekend. Kiki and her buddies did a virtual takeover at The Coral Sands. They seemed to enjoy every single angle of it's dangle. What fun. By the way Kiki and her husband David Lenoue hail from New York City. Kiki told me that the room they were staying in (the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Suite) is actually larger than the apt. they live in in NYC. Come back Kiki!

Louis l'Amour howling poolside

Louie L'Amour is not one for quietly living out his old age...20 to be precise. His spirit is as young as a spring chicken...Here he is captured by weekend Sander, Michelle VanCaneghem. She was kind enough to send in this photograph along with several others that we should look forward to posting.
You Go Little Lou! Littlest Pumpkin...

Carole "Baldy" Sullivan

This is the fabulous Carole "Baldy" Sullivan who, with her life Pardner, Cathi Anderson, has been a regular Sander since the beginning. Carole is always cooking something yummy on the grill or concocting some wacky drink to serve to those willing. This year Carole had the unusual experience of appearing Bald at The Sands. She never blinked but performed this task and all others naturally. She has made it thru three of six chemo treatments for Ovarian Cancer and what a Warrior. She is working out regularly and we are very proud of her winsome ways. We love you, Carole. Go Carole Go.