Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ruby Montana and Mimi Weddell 93 Year old Star and Model

Mimi Weddell is a New York-based actress and model.
She's also the focus of "Hats Off," a feature length documentary profiling the prolific performer-who happens to be 93.
Weddell didn't begin acting full time until she was 65, following the death of her husband, Dick. "I suddenly decided that I wanted to go a different route, not just having ordinary jobs and things like that," she says.
For "Hats Off" which opened in March, director, Jyll Johnston spent 10 years capturing Weddells's life on film. A true New Yorker, Weddell takes the bus or burns old fashioned shoe leather to her weekly Pilates and dance workouts, cattle-call auditions and photo shoots.
And the dignified dame never steps out of her East Side apartment without her signature cigarette holder and hat.

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David Stas said...

Here's to Mimi!
What an inspiration.