Monday, August 18, 2008

A little announcement from Our Roving Reporter

Barbie Doll, that style setting, journalistic, action figure, will be breaking herself away from the Chicago Jazz Festival later this month to cover a couple of interloping elopers. Those boys from Lenawee County will be making the Mother of All Road Trips on Route 66 from the golden fields of the Midwest to the azure pool of the Coral Sands.

Barbie Reports:
"Although Brian and David were officially 'committed' by city decree in Seattle years ago, they've decided to travel to Palm Springs to get married by the Reverend Ruby Montana. After Ruby got her license, they decided to get theirs.
They couldn't resist the opportunity, I couldn't resist the story. I am totally into the human interest aspect, and I could use the gig."

Since Barbie's been summering in her fabulous Frank Lloyd Wright abode in Chicago, and will have just finished her feature on the Jazz Fest, (Barbie and Sonny Rollins are LIKETHIS), she's decided to follow the two re-fianc├ęs on their journey westward in her vintage coral and turquoise Austin-Healey!

They'll be making their way thorough Illinois, Missouri, a little corner of Kansas, Oklahoma (including El Reno, the birthplace of Ruby Montana), the Texas panhandle, New Mexico, Arizona and California. They'll be leaving Route 66 after Amboy to head over the Bullion Mountains, into Twenty Nine Palms and the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs and a suite at the Coral Sands.

No matter how you get here,
everyone is welcomed at the Coral Sands Hitching Post.

The Reverend is waiting.

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