Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Precious Sander David Staskowski is finally released to return to his home from St Josephs Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan...

Davids birthday is on October 25th...that is Saturday.
Please light a candle for him and wish him a Happy Birthday.
David had an acute stroke that kept him in the Hospital these last few weeks...but because of the love and support of his wonderful partner/husband, Brian Brook...his friends and family...he found that core and desire to live on...What would we do without him???
I for one cherish this your first day home and am thrilled you are in Adrian for a beautiful autumn.
I love you David...and you too, Brian. xoRuby

1 comment:

David Stas said...

Love you Rube.
And ready for yhe RUHip!!!
get that dawg off!!!!