Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruby Montana with little Billie Holiday and Sander Shawn Wallace

OK...did the "Truth Monkey" on the dining room table. This was quite a night at The Sands. Shawn Wallace joined the evening with Brenda McShan (of Dallas) Jodi and Alan Davis of Seattle and Tove Andvik of Inchilieum, Washington (Colville Indian Reservation area)...Ruby and Tove found The Truth Monkey at a Yard Sale that day...the group was celebrating Jodi and Brenda's birthdays...But, oh that truth monkey...my my.

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Brenda said...

That truth monkey sure had some magical powers!

Thanks Tove for bringing it to the table. Thanks Alan for a fabulous meal. INCREDIBLE! So nice to meet everyone and share birthdays with Jody. And, thanks Ruby for your wonderful hospitality.

I miss the Coral Sands already.