Friday, March 26, 2010

It's a TAKEOVER!!!

GIRLS just want to have fun...and boy Howdy....They are!!!
Michelle Ostrom organized her band of nine to Take the Hotel over for three nights.
Here they are sporting their new belts made by Michelle's aunt...her mother sells them at the Thorp Fruit Stand in Washington State...They are fabulous...The Pinto Pony would carry these in a hot flash. Ruby got one too and will sport her's shortly at Jake's tonight. The girls will be at Trio.
From left to right...Jodi Rosen, Ester Frey, Karen Holden, Kim Elliott, Stephanie Olsen,Stephanie Crabtree, Diane Langstraat, Michelle Ostrum and Kim Kelly. Girls...You are the best! They will all be Sanders for life!!!

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