Thursday, November 16, 2006

Louie Lamour to Turn 20 in January!

Our adorable man of The Sands, Mr. Louis Lamour, (aka Pumpkin, Littlest, Lu Lu,) will turn an astounding 20 years old this New Year's Day. Keep him in your thoughts as you google football and eat black eyed peas on that day.
Stop by for a little celebration of Milanos and beer...Louie's only food the first year of his life and, perhaps, the secret to his longevity.


Claudia said...

Wait, you now have FOUR dogs at the Coral Sands? How does Monsieur Lamour feel about that?? A fine thing to happen as one approaches an advanced age!
PS: I think I took this marvelous portrait of himself.

Davey said...

Happy Birthday Dear Louie. Your 16 year old cousin-dawg Ani sends her love and congrats, as do 17 year old Hobie-cat, and the perpetual pup 10 year old Sophie. We all miss you and can't wait to visit again