Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gathering at Volterra in Ballard in Seattle...Don Curtiss and Michelle Quisenberry's Genius Italian hot spot

Vicki Gray,(The brilliance behind Adventures of The Mind) Bryan Hunt, (Part of the brilliant team at Microsoft that invented the Flight Simulator Game) Barry Rosen, (represents the estate of the amazing Modernist painter Eva Hesse among other things)Ruby, (Moteliere)Leslie Chihuly(fellow Okie...went to Vasser...beautiful and brilliant...the good woman behind Chihuly) and Jamie Kabler (Ruby's first husband in a former life...inventor of the Hollywood Diet...Director of Protocol in Gerald Ford's White House) gather at the wondrous Volterra....5411 Ballard Avenue in Seattle for poo poos and drinks...Oh for some of their Housemade

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