Thursday, August 30, 2007

Loyal Sander (and God daughter) Amanda "Panda" Veith celebrated a Birthday on August 20th...Here she is on her first birthday...with Peter (Ruby's Ex)

This was a big month for Amanda, my Panda Veith...she turned another year older...and wiser...Here she is on her first Birthday with my Sweet Ex Husband, Peter, entertaining her. Amanda produced a film in The Palm Springs Short Film Festival that aired in the Favorites last night. People raved...It has won festivals all over the Country (Austin, Chicago and so on... )Way to go, Panda. It was also Directed by two other Sanders...Johnathan Browning and Leslie McManus. They are wonderful and were here for the festival staying at The Sands.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Amanda's movie , "The Job"and thought it was the best of the Palm Springs Short Film Fest. It's so original , clever and very funny. Congratulations, Amanda on a fabulous film . You are the next great director. I look forward to watching your star shine.
Jamie Kabler