Thursday, March 27, 2008

THE ODDS are having a reunion...three of the group have arrived...Jeff Gaisford, Brian Parker and Robert Lehnhardt


Brian Laverne said...

We are so jealous!!! It is snowing again here in the Pairs of Lenawee County, Michigan. SO nice to see you if only on Ruby's blog. Have a blast boys. and consider staying another week.


David Stas said...

the "ODDS"? I'll bite.
This is an acronym for . . . ?

Odyssean Descriptivist Darlins?
OddFellow Doggie Daddies?

pray, tell

Anonymous said...

Have Fun you guys!!!
Soak Up some sun for us too.....
PS- Kisses to Ruby, Louie, Lola and Dusty too...

Anonymous said...

It's sunny & warm in PS and so happy to be with Ruby at the Coral Sands! Glad we left the snow showers behind in Seattle. Wish that David & Brian were hear - we have to plan that trip to the Coral Sands.

The Odds start arriving today for our west coast reunion.

Jeff & Parker