Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sander Karla Keller Celebrates Half a Century at The Coral Sands Today.

Ruby and KK Poolside at The Sands...Big Party Weekend ahead. Friends flying in from everywhere. Kavar Kerr (another KK) all the way from Wilson, Wyoming...She and KK grew up next door to one another and their parents were best friends. They went to University of


CresceNet said...

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Laura said...

Wow who's the striper chick with the red visor. Shall we say what happens at the Sands stay at the sands?

Lisa said...

Hi its YoYo and Sandy. We wanted to say a big thank you for our stay - you and the digs are fantastic! The Coral Sands is you! We can't wait to return - if possible it would be today. Would you be able to get Brad and Jay's addresses as well so we can say thank you? Again thank you for your hospitality!!
YoYo and Sandy