Sunday, June 22, 2008

Loyal Sander Cee Cee Ponicsan (center) and Claire Samaras of Sonoma drove to MOMA Saturday to meet us at the Frida Kahlo Show...

Cee Cee Ponicsan and her girl pal Claire Samaras drove in from Sonoma to meet Ruby and Brad Jones at Moma for some serious Arnold Palmers and a quick bite at Hotel W...Cee Cee and Ruby go way back to Ruby's Cherry Street Store days in Seattle...Cee Cee even worked into the wee hours back then (what a bud) trying to help the old Pinto Pony Catalogue get mailing labels...she's the kinda gal that always has your back...Gorgeous Claire has a retail store herself in Sonoma called Angelique.
CeeCee is headed for Greece to spend this birthday...teaching English to Greek Children...she says she always wants to do something she hasn't done on her birthday...She's a miracle...this one. We who know CeeCee.

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Anonymous said...

These are definitely the Last of the Great Babes!
Rock on!