Monday, September 1, 2008

Barbie's Road Report

. .
As you may all know, your intrepid reporter is following two elopers headed to the altar at the Coral Sands.

The trip has been one meal after another. I don't know how I am going to keep my infamous figure following thes two Road Food fans on Route 66.

It started in Indianapolis where they turned a detour through town into a pig out at the Mug 'n Suds. Pork chops on a bun AND Root Beer? Help me.

I thought once we were on the actual Mother Road things would change, but no. Seems the boyz are carrying iPhones and are constantly tapped into their Road membership maps.


So it was Chicken Fried Steak and Coconut Cream Pie in Vinita, Oklahoma. (They even tried to have Onion Burgers for Sunday breakfast in El Reno, but the G-Spoons weren't open!)) But that hardly slowed thme down . They headed directly for Texas BarBie-Que at Dyer's in Amarillo. Now we're in New Mexico and they're looking for a place to have breakfast.

Please send Malox.


xx Barbie Doll
reporting from Route 66

(Midge, please excuse the layout of this entry, but I didn't have the budget to bring my designer with me on the road.)

Peaches, HELP ME! Anytime, my anatomically incorrect sistah, anytime.


Rebecca said...

OK. What I love about the Mug-n-Bun, aside from the fact its name can be interpreted as either nouns or verbs, is this--it appears every item on the menu has its OWN walk-up window. Damn. That is Midwestern innovation fer ya.

Barbie Doll said...

Even better the carhops do the walkin' up

And thanks Peaches for the Lay