Monday, September 8, 2008

Vintage Sanders and Sanders Freshly Minted gather to celebrate

Jeff and Brian Gaisford-Parker and Jack (Russell-Gaisford-Parker) virtually attended the wedding of Brian and David Brockowski by appearing magically on a laptop minutes before the nuptials

If you're not a friend of the Reverend Ruby Z Montana when you arrive at the Coral Sands, just wait a minute. The instantaneous combustion of love that took place here at the midnight wedding on Sunday was something to behold. Not only did two men join in LEGAL consensual bondage, (I hope they remembered to pick a "safe word"), but we welcomed some neophytes into that growing group of lovelies that we call "Sanders".

Reporting from the Coral Sands,
T.T.F.N. Barbie Doll
(I am off to Hawaii for a post nuptial lei)

Reverend Ruby, can we have a witness?!? Can we have another, Rev?
Brian's younger brother Brad and their great friend Rebecca signed the documents along with that motelier with the mostest to legalize the marriage of the boyz from Lenawee County.

Brad, Ruby, Judy, Len, Lee Ellen, Becky, Amanda and the Neo-Groomz David and Brian,
raise glass to toast the evening and honor our
witness/wedding photographer/Mistress-of-Cermonies, Rebecca Chekouras.
Here! Here!
The Coral Sands, of Course.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, sorry to have missed your celebration!! So Happy to see you two love birds tying the knot again, too sweet....xoxoDebra

Anonymous said...

It was great to "virtually" attend your ceremony! We wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Cheers to many, many more years of happiness!

xxoooJeff & Parker (& Jack who insisted on watching the ceremony)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ruby! It was a really wonderful ceremony! We're glad we were
able to attend virtually, & of course Jack insisted on watching!

Cheers to the old-newlyweds!

Have fun in Hawaii!!

Xxoo Jeff, Mr. Parker& barky Jack