Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sometimes what Seems Like Bad Luck is Really Good Luck...

Meet This Lucky Turkey Chick named Trevor who thinks he;s a duck. The Three day old bird has been fitted with webbed slippers to try to straighten out his deformed toes.
He has been helped by vets who found the conventional treatment of putting the curled up toes in splints did not work.
He has been spared the chop for this particular misery.

The Coral Sands wishes Sanders everywhere a very Happy Thanksgiving...Ruby will be having Turkey Day at Daveys Hideaway with 14 others around 2p.m. Wonderful day unfolding. Guests are all in the pool after a beautiful rainstorm. We love the smell of fresh rain at The Sands.


David Stas said...

Happy News
Long Live Trevor!

Anonymous said...

love the contrapasto pose.