Monday, November 3, 2008

Visualize President Obama in 2016

Visualize President Obama in 2016
> The year is 2016. We glance at the television one morning and see
> President Obama having another of his many press conferences . He has
> now been in office for almost 8 years. It hasn't been perfect, but
> things are way better than when he took office in January of 2009.
> You notice that he still has that winning smile and that take charge/
> positive energy that he had when he was campaigning way back in 2008.
> You remember back to how concerned you were about whether or not he
> would win in 2008, contented now that he has been safely in office
> for such a long time. He and Congress have done much to address
> global warming, health care, development of alternative energy
> sources and a variety of other important matters to the country and
> the planet. You feel deep gratitude for the past eight years and how
> things have unfolded.
> See it...Feel it....Breathe it...Pass it on... forwarded to us from
> an unknown author, makes perfect sense to me....
> I don't know much about the Law of Attraction or if you've ever heard
> of it. But surely you've heard of the phrase, 'What you resist,
> persists.' The more we don't want something, the more it finds us.
> For example - the more we fight drugs, the more they seem to be here.
> So lets stop fighting against McCain and Palin, and start working
> 'for' Obama-Biden. Lets stop driving ourselves crazy with all of the
> outrageous mind upsetting details about them and start remembering
> all of the wonderful reasons we want Obama.
> THE CHALLENGE: take 30 seconds right now. Close your eyes and imagine
> exactly what our country will feel like with President Obama. Imagine
> how good it will feel. Imagine whatever it is about him that you wish.
> Imagine the pride.
> Imagine the diplomacy.
> Imagine the peace.
> Imagine the wind mills and the clean cars.
> Imagine the citizen groups.
> Imagine the earth being healed and revitalized.
> Imagine being very proud of your country and its leader.
> Imagine whatever it is that draws you to support Obama.
> Imagine what your life will look like.
> Imagine it several times a day. We can shift and change the vibration
> of this country with positive visions just like this.
> DO IT.. It will feel good!
> Then pass this on to all of your Obama supporter friends. If we all
> take 30 seconds several times a day to shift into this positive
> vibration, it will work. YES WE CAN.

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Yes, We Can!!!!