Saturday, May 9, 2009

Many of you Sanders may remember our Precious Beazey Boo

Stephanie Joret's precious Beazey Boo joined Louie Lamour in a romp in that place over the Rainbow Bridge...We will miss you Beaz...You were a jewel.
We think of you daily.
Your spirit certainly lingers here at The Sands. Steph, our hearts and thoughts are with you and this difficult loss.


matthewharry said...

beaz forever!!!!!!!!!! in our hearts....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ruby, for this kind tribute. She definitely was special. She always got excited when we pulled up to the Sands, knowing that a fun time was ahead, and filled with love. Thank you for always watching over her with such care when we were there.


Michael G said...

Beazy LOVED my sofa and my sofa LOVED Ms Beazy Boo. We always looked forward to Beazy's visits and I especially loved her patiently waiting for Uncle Michael to sneak her some chicken when Mom wasn't looking. We had a secret agreement. She looked cute. I gave her chicken.(Stephanie, I swear it was only a few pieces. I swear!) Miss you much Miss B.

Anonymous said...

Always a girl of taste, she decided the Karl Springer sofa fit right in with her resting abilities :)