Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Could Fill This Chair But The Man Who Took The Shot Our Very Own David Staskowski....

David Staskowski is poised and ready to arrive at Palm Springs International Airport on Saturday Evening. He took this shot when he was here in April. He is returning in May. Halelujah!!!

You might remember that David and his partner, Brian Brock, were here just last month...and then again you might remember that the Right Reverend Ruby Montana married them here in September.
They did a Road Trip on the Blog down Route 66 that was not forgotten.

In October David had a Stroke. A Life Threatening Stroke. Ruby has been friends with David and Brian for years.

This was a terrifying moment for all of David and Brian's friends and family. We are soooo thrilled that David is recovering so well. So Well in fact that he is headed here on Saturday for a month. He was inspired by The Jackie Lee Houston Stroke Center. Here in Palm Springs people are given FREE THERAPY (thank you, Jackie Lee and Jim Houston!!!) after their own Physical Therapy ends. David needs to be inspired and I think he found his inspiration right here. We are sooo thrilled that this Sander has a place of refuge and Jackie Lee's Free Therapy to move him along. It's Off Of That COUCH IN ADRIAN...and on to Greener Pastures.
You Go, David Staskowski...Can't wait to see you work your magic!!!


Brian Laverne said...

Love you Rube! This will be a difficult month for me, but I know Dave will be in good hands! He might even drive you around town.

David Stas said...

I am touched.

(This time as in a feeling of affection and gratitude, not not as in slightly insane.)