Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Jimersons and their flocked Tree in The Howdy Doody Goes to Bali Suite...I Think They Got Into The Eggnog a Little Early...

Pauline Jimerson is famous for making her own eggnog and bottling it...everyone prays in This Resort,
(The Fabulous Coral Sands Inn)that she has made enough to last the entire season...It looks like they are using some of the early reserves pretty hardily. Nothing like that "under the tree" feeling..." I keep telling them..."He's in Bali!"


shawn said...

that is one adorable photo and a classic! I want my very own Pauline Jimerson in my pocket to take with me everywhere I go. She is one heckuva fun lady... red cowboy hat and all.

And get a load of the purse (?) It's as big as the tv set. And so is the snow blanket under the tree. And I love that the curtains don't clash with the carpet much. ;O)

Dorothy Drape (r) said...

Well Howdy, Love the pattern on pattern!
(AND the Jimerssons [have we met?])