Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sander and Lifelong Friend of Ruby's Living in Denver...Ruth Warren.


Ms Claus said...

Did you eat all the candy off the tree?

Rebecca said...

This is Ruthie's Christmas tree? Or is it a pre-tree in a hall decked as it must be with boughs of holly? Maybe I just have wildly romantic expectations for the winter traditions of a big snow state like Colorado in that I expect everyone's Christmas tree to be at least sixty feet tall, the branches bending under the weight of a recent powder dump. And that's how I imagined the tree you and Ruth decorated--that stringing the lights would require a crane; that real children would be hung by their jackets as ornaments; that owls would live in the branches and raise their young.

But it is a dear, petite tree almost as pretty as Ruth herself.

Merry Christmas, Sanders everywhere!

Santa said...

No, no Rebecca the tree IS 60 feet tall. It's just that Ruth is still growing.