Monday, December 15, 2008

You Go Girl! The Coral Sands Has Your Back and Thinks You Kennedys are Extremely Game...Despite Tragedy Still Willing To Serve This Wonderful Country


David Stas said...

Not enough experience?
Does she have any "bad" qualities?

Rebecca said...

Let us not forget she has a sticky-out front toof just like yours truly. A sticky-out toof is a sign of intelligence and compassion. People often forget that.

Rebecca said...

Uh huh, uh huh. If those Republicans thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be President, what on earth could stop them from finding Ms. Kennedy qualified for the Senate? Case closed.

Allison said...

There are lots of women who've been active in politics for decades already, making their own way, rather than springboarding off a family legacy. Let's look at them too. America attempts to be a meritocracy, or does it?

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

The Kennedys rarely disappoint.
There is some faith in this tradition from my perspective.
I must admit that I am abit sentimental for what they have given in return for their service.