Monday, May 28, 2007

The Ganster and the Hoopster Stacey Wilson and Leigh Turner

Saturday night Paris Renfrow's special dinner celebration at one of Ruby's favorite dining haunts..."Copleys" The food is superior and the outside dining under that beautiful desert willow and the water feature...oh, my...and to boot it was Cary Grant's place before it's transformation to a restaurant...hope you saw our earlier tribute to the man...go back in the blog if you haven't...Stacey Wilson and Leigh Turner are having a good time. I love you guys...but about the red wine stain in C2...

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Anonymous said...

girls thanks for everything! i hope you know that you each are sending me in to my next chapter of life a better person. i will never forget the life lessons you shared with me.

snoopy rocks!
pumpkins cant talk.

love, paris