Monday, July 23, 2007

This Just In from the Twilight Zone!

Barrelling through the mysterious and sacred Indian grounds of Montana, Rube hit a warp in the space time continuum (Ruby is subject to these things) and was whoosed away to a certain fast food emporium in a certain Midwestern state where she ran into a certain Sander who looks to be all of 14 years old.
Did y'all know that, of the entire population of the U.S. aged about 45 to 16, about 80% have worked at a McDonald's at some point in their lives?
Babe, LOVE a man in uniform.


Anonymous said...

Your too cute!!
P.S. I love the handwriting....

Diane Arbus said...

So much for the rumour that Poloroids don't retain the image over time

Anonymous said...

Hollywood is callin' my dear, get the heck out of there and out of that uniform - You're too smart - especially if Miss Ruby took the pic!

Signed Miss Hollywood aka Contessa