Thursday, July 12, 2007

Was It the Hair, the Suits, or Texas?

Adios, Lady Bird Johnson -- the other LBJ. Did you love her? Was it the hair or the suits? Let us know.


As she aged, both the hair and the suits got more sedate. Here, she looks like anybody, not even a Texan.


Okay, now we're talkin' full blown on both counts.


The Classic look for a big-haired gal from Texas who landed with a bright red suit to accompany her bright red lips in DC.

What's the verdict, Sanders? Role model for women or She Who Must Not Be Named?


The Coral Sands Experience: said...

The woman was a villan; she undid everything Marlo Thomas worked for to promote the flip.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hey -- isn't that Jackie's old pink suit syed red?