Sunday, September 9, 2007

If You're Happy and You Know It, Bleach Your Hair!

I felt September called for a tribute to Little Richards -- that's right, Ann Richards, Governor of Texas, Derider of George W. Bush, Belle of the Ball, and one hell of a woman.

During their hard fought campaign for Governor, Richards and Bush squared off in a memorable debate. At issue was Bush's support for making it legal to carry concealed weapons in Texas (the man appears to be big on killing, but maybe I don't understand something). Richards opposed the bill. Bush attempted to turn Ann's base, women, against her in one exchange, saying, "Ann, don't you want a woman to be able to defend herself and feel safer because she has a gun in her purse."
Richards just laughed him off, saying, "Oh, George, you know as well as I do there isn't a woman in Texas who could FIND a gun in her purse." I fell in love all over again when she said that.
I met up with Ann long before that. She was in Seattle speaking at a Democratic Fund Raiser and, passing The Pinto Pony, had asked her chauffeur stop saying her son loved my shop and that she had to get him a teeshirt. At any rate...later that night I was at that very same fund raiser...I was in the back somewhere when she caught my eye. She yelled, "Ruby Montana, you get up here with me...I hear you own this town. I want to be seen with you!" It was one of life's sweetest moments.


kimberlynichols said...

beautiful rubes, like only you could do!

David S said...

a perfect story

Anonymous said...

You just gave me goosebumps.
She had very good taste. We all want to be seen with our Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Your the best Ruby!!

Anonymous said...

Good story. You do own this town!