Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doug, Brian and David at The Pussycats, Dolls and Vixens: An Artists'Tribute To Russ Meyer at M Modern Gallery

Doug flew in from Seattle to spend some time with Brian and David at The Coral Sands...and to see the Pussycats, Dolls and Vixens: An Artists' Tribute to Russ Meyer at M Modern Gallery Hosted by Kitten Natividad who, by the way, was also staying at The Coral Sands.
The show at M Modern was a big success thanks to the teaming of Jay and Mishell Modern, Siouxzan Perry, David Wills and many remarkable artists such as the one pictured here behind the boys in the hood. Ruby was at a party for a Board of The Aids Assistance Program that Ruby sits on, Evening Under The Stars at The O'Donnell Golf Club. A remarkable party under the desert stars that involved an auction and dinner/dance entertained by the phenomenal Mary Wilson (The Supremes)...It was a great success and was extremely well attended and raised alot of money for a cause that all recognize is an important one in the world. Siouxzan Perry captured this wonderful image of the boys superimposed on top of a painting of Tura Satana ( a Sander) Russ Meyer's number one star. All that live here or visit should visit the show...amazing!!!

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