Friday, April 17, 2009

Kim Malek is drinking in The Magic of The Sands she's off to The Coachella Music Festival...she is seen here with The Sands Fabulous Security Guard

Kim knows she is always secure with Lola at her side...The Sands own wonderful Yorkihuahua...Lola was a rescue some years ago from Palm Springs own Bath and Brush Grooming Parlor...She came with a bejeweled water bowl and a sack of toys. Her mistress was in her 90s and died on the operating room table. Lola was then orphaned...What a life she has now. She used to be named Fendi...Kind of Palm Springs appropriate to be named after a Hand Bag and a Corporation...
Kim works for Bono.
She has two pugs...she plans to bring them back to The Sands.

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