Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sander and New Mama, Mascha Kroenlein and Her Darlin' Hubbin' Charles Peterson accompanied by nearly Three Month old Baby Felix have been at The Sands

It has been sooo much fun watching Mascha, Charles and Baby Felix and their little family pod ooohhhing and ahhhing in the pool and it's surroundings...precious stuff...They did an everyday pool thang with Felix...went to The Palm Springs Art Museum to see the amazing photography show their right now of Robert Maplethorpe...went to the Air Museum (Charles is addicted to Airplane stuff)...dined at various PS Haunts and came away really liking Cheekys...I second that vote! Charles don't forget to send me pictures as my camera is still locked in the pink mode...I need to see your little pod family on the Blog!

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