Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Have a Sanders Special at The Moment...Sleeping on the Patio in a Lounger with Your Dog $29.95...Hose yourself off before bathing in the pool.

Rosemary Higgins and her Dachshund Higginsbottom (where did that come from???) asleep on a lounger poolside. The weather is so perfect it does not even require a sheep...Pillows are $5 extra.
Call Ruby now with your credit card to reserve space on the patio!! Bring your Dog!
866 820 8302


Anonymous said...

I'll take it! Can you throw in some jelly beans for breakfast?

Hobo Barbie said...

Does that come with pie?

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

Yes Barbie...for you pie...Let The Sunshine Pie...and as for you Q...Jelly beans are always included in your rate!!!xoxoxo