Monday, February 26, 2007

Roscoe Grill's Very Own C.J. Johnson

Restaurateur, C.J. Johnson, has a wonderful drink and dine spot on south Palm Canyon. C.J. hails from Seattle and has managed to pull off a delightful mod edition of Ruby's favorite spot to drink and dine in Seatte...The Queen City least it was Ruby's favorite when Alan Davis was chef there...
Roscoe's is a steak house of the first order BUT...everything on the menu is delish.
Ruby's personal favorites:
The Szechuan Geen Beans ($7)
Coconut Shrimp ($10)
Peppercorn New York Steak ($25)
Seared Ahi ($18) FABULOUS
Way to go C.J.
Rick is a wonderful bartender...and Carlos a fabulous waiter...Becky a marvelous Maitre D

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