Thursday, February 15, 2007

Susie Frank and Jeffie DiAngelo

Susie Frank and her man, Jeffie DiAngelo (brother of Beverly) stopped in this week at the Sands. I met Susie years ago at the National Salt and Pepper Shaker Convention in Kellogg, Michigan. She met Jeffie traveling back to Pasadena on a plane that same trip. They later married. He played bass in Doc Severenson's band on the Johnny Carson Show for years. Susie helps run her family's restaurant chain...Lawry's Steak House. I always thought it such an irony that I met Susie at a salt and pepper shaker convention...and she comes from THE seasoning salt family.

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Abel said...


So happy to see Susie and Jeff on-line today. I was just doing a search of old friends I haven't seen in forever, and there they are. You both look great and healthy. I'd love to hang out, grab a drink--whatever. I left photography a long time ago. Now in health care. I hope we can connect someday!

My best,

Abel Mares, PA-C