Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Spectacularly Divine Ms L.

She's living Opera, this one. Both Dramatic and yet serene. The Sands is thrilled to have her presence. She photographs every foundling model in every forgotten corner of the place and reminds us of it's significance...She jumps up and down over "the light" in any given day. Debra hails from New York/Seattle. We have sort of known each other for years by way of mutual friends "Ask David" Staskowski (Metropolitan Home Magazine Ghuru) and Brian "Love Laverne" Brock (channeler supreme)...Two weeks she and her lover boy Charlie, have been here and it's over. Sooo sad to see them leave. Had a great time with these two. When you go some place with Debra you end up meeting everyone interesting there. She's a magnet for positive energy because that what she exudes. Everything is possible with this gal. The world is her oyster and she shares.

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