Friday, February 23, 2007

She's Got The Whole World In Her Hands

Delta Dawn Bern and Ruby have been friends for 25 years. She too wants to live in The Desert. She has been a regular at The Sands since Ruby bought the place in 2000. Here she is holding a ceramic ink well of the world in her hands. Her gift to The Sands. Delta has managed to retire from her job as City Planner in Seattle and is on the lookout down here for something inspiring. I'm sure she will find it.
We love you, Delta. Welcome to The Desert.


Anonymous said...

What brought about that serious expression? Moving to the Desert or holding the whole world in her hands?
Jeez..Maybe it's handing the world over to Ruby!

Katie said...

Ruby, I just found your little corner of the web while I was daydreaming of you and the Sands. It has been much to long and Krissy and I miss you and the puppies and the pool like crazy!I'm planning a visit. Love, Katie

Anonymous said...

Don't those knives glint menacingly there in the background?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby, I think that 25 years is a bit shy. Wasn't it in the 70's when we met? You were married to Peter and teaching at Seattle Children's Home, where you met Tove?