Monday, October 22, 2007

Rumors of "Ruby of Paris"

Look closely to see the undercover photographer amid the orchids

International Harold Tribute Monday, Oct 22, 2007, 8:59 AM, Paris, France

Ruby Montanna of California, United States has been seen in almost every one of the arrondissements of Paris examining shops and taking surveillance photos. Rumors (rumours for our British readers) abound that she may be opening up her first european branch. Montana is known in the States for her muliple sucesses in retail, all dedicated to an iconic image of the Pinto Pony.

Speculations of ensuing specializations include a Western themed charcuterie, something hyperbolic relating to American goat cheese, an exotic flower shop featuring Geogia O'Keefeian desert orchids, and a Mid (18th ) century Moderne furniture shop.

At this time there seems to be a different story for every rue in the city.

These prototypes are reported to have sparked Montana's interest.

office in the hip resort town of Palm Springs, California is not returning the IHT's phone inquiries, which will lead, indubitably, to more speculation, rumor (rumour) and fabrication.

Barbie Doll, reporting from Paris

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We love the photos and commentary from Paris.