Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Farewell Fêtes go on all night

Tout le monde, that is EVERYONE,
seemed to be out last night in the city of lights
wishing the RRR's a bon voyage.
Of course the famed french paparazzi de crayonne were being naughty
and wouldn't leave our travellers alone, pour UNE moment.

In the sketch above,
seems to be being restrained by Ruth and Rebecca
from giving le paps a piece of her mind...
Hey Rube... Don't mess up that new couture!

And below, the sketching garçons seem to have backed off a little.
One can see Rube, in back, putting her "do" back together.
Is the lady in front, (Peaches, peut-etre), looking a little post-pugnacious?

By the time you read this late night report,
mes amis will be on the plane downing their last sips
of non-imported french champagne.
They'll be home in their own night spots before you know it.

That is of course if Ruth and Rebecca have talked Ruby
out of locking herself back in that hotel closet!
After all, good things must end,
including the magic show that is Paree!

Thanks for reading you american witchballs!
Bon Nuit, Bon Chance,
Barbie Doll


Brian Laverne said...

Thanks for your charmingly witty reports Miss Barbie. You are a cherub.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Ms. Doll. It was almost as if I'd been right there with our travelers.