Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Blogger Exclusive

"Ruth is now calling me Alice... Rebecca said that at first she thought that the relationship... was keeping us young... now she thinks it is keeping us infantile."

"Truly we have, and are having just a marvelous time and the Trio has not had a snapping turtle moment... amazingly enough.
This has been the most magical journey."

"Our last night in Paris
I am refusing to leave...
I have locked myself
in a closet in the hotel...thank god for wifi.
do not post this until Ruth and Rebecca have gone."

From an intercepted email originating at L’hôtel de Varenne.
The email was written by Ruby Montana herself, moments ago.

Do not post?
Well... So sorry, dear Rube, but a scoop is a scoop,
and this may just get me that gig at Gawker.

You heard it here first!

Reporting from Paris,
Barbie Doll


Anonymous said...

I love you kissing Edith Piaf's grave.

Brian Laverne said...

A week in Paris goes way too fast, doesn't it ladies? Kind of like a week at the Coral Sands goes by in an instant . . . which is why David and I must book some time when the snow begins to fly. Have a safe trip home!!!