Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adieu My Captain, Farewell My Love

Louis L'Amour
The Beginning of Time - July 20, 2008

Louie L'Amour, the dapper Master of Ceremonies at The Coral Sands, bought a one-way ticket on the last train West in the early hours of Sunday Morning, Coming Down. He was 21 years old.

Surveying his property, as he did at sunrise every morning, L'Amour, who was deaf and going blind, fell into the pool and slipped away. Befitting the occasion, the desert skies in July tore open and wept, flooding arroyos, taking out traffic lights, and washing the ancient sands, the skies wept, wept, wept at the loss of Louie the Love.

He is survived by his pet Ruby Montana, his bitches Lola and Dusty, a dozen stray cats, and the enduring Sands. The finest Chihuahua ever to play the game or run a motel, Louie was beloved by literally thousands or perhaps even millions. His gifts were in reverse proportion to his size and, in fact, cannot even be measured. Friends gathered throughout the day to comfort Ms. Montana.

May all the Saints embrace him, choirs of angels sing upon his arrival. We know God is smiling upon our Louis -- restored to his youthful vigor and handsomeness, he is working the perimeter in the Great Beyond.


Anonymous said...

I will look for him on the other side where he and Ritchie can sniff and sail across the meadow. Thanks Ruby for giving this dog the luckiest life any dog could desire.


Anonymous said...

We are in tears in Portland today. We are distraught at the loss of our good friend Louie. Even though he tended to knock over the bottles and spill the drinks, he made a mean martini for anyone who needed one. The party never ended with Louie around. If only he could have driven a car, he would have shown us a thing or two, eh?

Thank you, Louie, for making us feel at home all these years. You were a fine hotelier-dog and will not ever be forgotten.

Have a safe journey. See you later.

Cheryl & Al

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

Dear Ruby,
News of the final journey of your beloved son made its
way to texas...and I can't believe how sad I am at
this news. I will always treasure the sweet memories
of Mr. Louis-bustling around the Coral Sands-making
sure we all knew he was on duty...and the extra bounce
in his step when Ms. Lola came into his
life...considering how proud he was of his, um,
"gift"...I am sure Ms. Lola was quite satisfied with
her amour, the wonderful Mr. L'Amour!

I am giving my little Sam, my "free", $3,000 little
rescue dog...extra hugs tonight...I know there are
lots of Ruby family of friends there giving your hugs
and sharing their special memories of the beloved Mr.
Louie ...hugs Ruby, and to Lola...

Your pal, Sally O'Connor, in Dallas,,,,

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

thank you so much for calling us. my heart is aching for you.

please call again soon.

i know there's nothing we can say or do to ease your pain.
and there's something horribly wrong with an accident ending such a
long life.
(we lost Hobie because of a wobbly piece of cement board when we were
working on the kitchen)

I know that Mel will watch over him, that Aniol will make sure he
gets a special tour of heaven and that Lou will be waiting for us
when it's our turn.

I also know you and he had a great big life of love together, I know
you gave him just as much happiness as he gave you.
remember that. hold on to the love Rube, it's all we ever have.

xx David

The Coral Sands Experience: said...


I am so very sad to hear the news about your (and everyone else's) beloved Louis' passing. The following is a bit sappy, but when my sixteen year old lulu passed, someone sent this to me, and it helped.

Rainbow Bridge

Author: unknown
There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of all its beautiful colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows,
hills and valleys with lush green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
There is always food and water and warm spring weather.
The old and frail animals are young again.
Those who were sick, hurt or in pain are made whole again.
There is only one thing missing,
they are not with their special person who loved them so much on earth.
So each day they run and play until the day comes
when one suddenly stops playing and looks up!
The nose twitches! The ears are up!
The eyes are staring and this one runs from the group!
You have been seen and when you and your special friend meet,
you take him in your arms and hug him.
He licks and kisses your face again and again -
and you look once more into the eyes of your best friend and trusting
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together never again to be apart.

much, much love,
s. and Beazey

C said...

O my darlings. I am so sorry. It has been a Great Love.

Anonymous said...

Louis L'Amour transcended his name today as only befitting an international icon of amoré.

His departure played as simple, consistent to every greeting uttered upon entering the Coral Sands:
Welcome to my domain. Please make yourself home ad enjoy us while you're here. Everyone who enters is encircled in a capsule of hope, honesty and open arms, the comfort of friends and an great endless quest of what can be. Welcome.

Yes, a symbol of virility and sexual potency in his youth, Monsier L'Amour became the maharishi, ambassador, the diplomat, head of state, Guru of Love and well being for countless trusts, unions, love affairs and deep friendships. He took form in a small eloquent manifestation of the chihuahua - dashing and petite, perhaps we took his constant spirit of humor for granted.

Louis was the Sean Connery of moteilerdom. The George Pepard of guiding force to Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". A grand gentlemen of a higher garde, Louis achieved couture, elegance, panache and sheer star power for years, setting a standard for the rest of us.

Louis, you're a burning nova. Life devoted to passion and class, so bright we couldn't keep you. Your passage, reflects your core of honor. Simpled, yet dramatic, humane to all and a true Hollywood finale.

Louis L'Amore. A man of the people. A man we'll not meet soon again.

Hear! Hear! Louis L'Amore forever Diana Phillips

Anonymous said...

Oh Ruby honey, I'm so so very sorry to hear about Louie. He was a good dog and a solid citizen. RIP Louis L'Amour, you shall not be forgotten.

Much love to you,

Tamara, Tom and Lukas

Anonymous said...

my lord Ruby, I am so sorry to hear that, poor louie, I am grieving the little guy tonight, but what a life he had!!!! 21 years old is what – 91 in dog life? WOW, if only we all could live so long! I want you to know you are in my heart tonight....



The Coral Sands Experience: said...

condolences my dear........big hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry for your loss. I loved little Louie Lamour, and was grateful for every minute with him. I'm thinking about you.

Yes, I will let the goddesses know.


amanda said...


My heart aches for you today. Louis will always be the heart and soul of the Coral Sands and your time there would not have been nearly as special without that wonderful little man running around your feet on 'walkies' and, really, just following you every where you went. Know that he is still there trailing you from room to room, greeting guests at the door and playing games with Lola and Dusty. A spirit like that can never go away...

With all of our love and sympathy and fondest memories,
Amanda, John and Henry

Katie and Kristin said...

Louie was a wonderful light andwill be missed. We are so sorry and love you and the doggies very much. Big huge hugs! Love, Kristin and Katie.

Anonymous said...

Louie and Pet Ruby

Dearest Ruby,
I am so sad and sorry to hear about Louie.
Heaven will have a hard time competing with his life on earth with you...I know I join all the Goddesses (and Louie too) in sending loving thoughts and happy memories your way.
Love, hugs, kisses, more love,

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

my sweet little Louie! my sweet little baby! how I loved him, too
oh Ruby I wish I could come over and pay silent respect by the magic blue hearth, thinking of him and how special he is...
I read somewhere:
"gone but not gone, with us but not here. always in our hearts and watching over us"
love you my wise wild woman mentoress

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby
Frida passed on the news about Louis passing on to his next “adventure” in the beyond.
I am so sorry to hear about that, he sure was a lucky boy to have you for a Mama and to live so long! The spirit of Louis will always be around at the Coral Sands though.

Our friends have an annual Belly dancing party on Vashon that we just went to on Saturday, so I’m sending you some pictures of me and Bernie in our finery……Bernie looks HOT in eyeliner I discovered!

(actually I bet you know them, Bonnie McAllister and Dean Haugen who own the State Hotel building in Pioneer Square? Where the New Orleans café is, they may even have been to the Coral Sands, not sure)

Take care and we will light a candle for Louis up here in Seattle!

I hope we can come down for a visit before too long.

Anonymous said...

cannot speak.
too many tears.
later, love, cmd

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruby, I was just thinking about you. Hope you are being kind to yourself. Wish you could come here and hang out. It's cool and quiet. HUGS oxoxkim buchanan

Anonymous said...

Louis L’Amour was truly amazing…I am so appreciative that I got to know MR. L Jamie Kabler

Anonymous said...

, I thought your dear doggie would live forever. Our hearts go out to you. I'm going to go hug my dog.


Alex Robbins

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,

I was so, so, sad to see the note about darling Louie. I keep tearing up every time I think about it today. He was such a special little guy and will be missed enormously.

I know he had a long, wonderful and very blessed life and I also know you will miss your baby dearly.

I am sure Lola is probably heartbroken also. Now she has to deal with that bitch Dusty all by herself, how on earth will she cope? J

You are in our thoughts & prayers.

Hugs & Kisses and much love,

Kristin and Katie

Anonymous said...

Oh, babe, we send you big hugs and kisses - my heart is breaking for you. I will try to come down soon. Promise.
stephanie Joret

Anonymous said...

So sorry. He had a great and long life! I will miss him in November, but I still have Ho-Jangles!!
John Bennett

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

Little man. Oh this is heartbreaking!
Big hug, Ruby. Big, big hug. This one is going to hurt for a while, you truly loved him so.
Such a saucy, saucy little man.

All my love plus more, from your loyal goddaughter and fellow dog-lover*,
Allison Gegan

Anonymous said...

Oh Ruby....I am so very sorry! That is so sad and I just don't want to ever face this day with my little pumpkin. I cherish her so much! Please know you have my deepest of sympathy.

And Dog Heaven is not so bad. I know lots and lots of GREAT DOGS that are there and having fun!

Gregg Rapp, AnnDee and Albert

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Oh darn. I loved that little guy. He was my intro to your place
in PS and will always be so. Oh darlin' - you take care. It's never fun.

Big smooch Terry Taziolli

Brian Laverne said...

While I'd like to say I've been there for you through good and bad over the past dozen some years, I know that Louie is the only one who can claim such an honor. He's witnessed it ALL! And I'm sure he's sharing details with all those who have gone before.

While I'll be excited to hear Dusty and Lola greet us at the gate upon our excited arrival the Coral Sands, a voice will definitely be missed. I'm so glad you and Calyn introduced us to this great big soul in a tiny body. What a life you gave him, Rube. Love you.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet woman - I'm heartbroken! Do you want company or would you rather
not? I can be there in 5 mins.
MJ Knappen

Anonymous said...

Dear, sweet Ruby,

Louis L'amour......such an amazing little guy. So glad you two had such
A long happy trail together through all the kinds of weather and ways. He
had dignity and charisma and wisdom and some really really great outfits.
I'm so sorry he had to go at all. So sorry you're sad.
Thanks for telling me. And thanks for the priveledge and honor of taking me
on some walks with the two of you.

He ought to get his own star. Wish I was there to send him off and hear all
your lovely stories.

Much love to you. He had the best damned life of any dog I've ever met.

trish ready

Anonymous said...

Hello dearest Ruby,
I want you to know how much I'm thinking of you. I'm sending you lot's of love and light to your aching heart. Your tribute to Louis on the blog is wonderful. His photograph brought great joy and I remembered him as a younger pup, racing around your store with Toby. We'll all have such wonderful memories of your precious boy.
With love always, your Cee Cee XXXXXXXXOOOOOXXXX

Anonymous said...

RIP Young Louie! Is Louis survived by any offspring (or great great offspring I should say!)?
Every day was a blessing with young Louie. How’s Lola doing? How are YOU doing?

I’m really sorry. I know how it feels to lose a loved one. Sigh. Will have a moment of silence during the sunset tonight and be sending you, Lola and Dusty some sweet energy.

I’ll send this out to the peeps.

(PS – you’re coming to Seattle – yes? Let’s get together if you have a night! Let me know.)

Jody Hall

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear this. i'm sure he's happily swimming his way to the big dogpark in the sky
cathryn chicola

Anonymous said...

Hi Rubel.....I read your Louie passing email and blog post while holding
Hillary close to my heart...Louie had a wonderful and long life...I hope
Hillary and Barack are as lucky... We are so in love with both of them like
you are with Louie. I will fall asleep thinking of him tonight....and Lola
and Dusty who are missing him too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby-

What a month. I am so sorry about Louis L'Amour. He is in excellent company: human, canine, feline, and otherwise... He had an amazing life and was a true, great ami to many.

Thinking of you and of the many beloved pet friends I've been fortunate to know...

Much love,

Anonymous said...

I cannot call you without crying. My heart is just broken and I so feel for you. There are no words to say.
I am sorry.
I love you
Jaimi Houston

Anonymous said...

sweet ruby I'm so sorry to read the news about Louis. I know you and
his other girls are devastated by his loss. Babe and I read the note
and tears came easily. Being a dogs person isn't fair as they just
don't live long enough and we always are heartbroken for the long
term. We will never forget him and that special anatomy he carried
with him for 21 years. I picture him sitting upright in one of those
30's huge down filled club chairs, smoking a stogie with about a
dozen worshiping bitches of all sizes and shapes at his feet. Now
that's Louie as I'll remember him.

Babe and I are doing fine as unbelievable as that might sound. Chemo
every week. Just love it. Hopefully a break this fall if I continue
to respond positively. Perhaps a trip to the Sands is in order.

I tried to post on the blog but, no way.

hope to see you,Lola and Dusty Springfield soon. Please call if you
hit Seattle this summer. Carole Sullivan, Cathi "Babe" Anderson

Khyde said...

Ruby, we are thinking of you and lola and dusty and the entirety of the Sands which is missing that magical dog Louis, he was one of a kind and will never be forgotten by so many. Having lost my own dear beagle mutt Wheat last fall, and enduring the painful hole that she left -which doesn't go away but sometimes seems to get bigger - my heart goes out to you. Cherish those memories and know how fortunate you were to have each other. We miss you and are looking forward to giving you a hug and sharing Louis memories and more when we come back to your grace soon.
Love, Kristin Hyde (Sam Sauer too)

Anonymous said...

this is very sad news people, seriously, leave a comment on the blog! that dog was one of a kind
Kristin Hyde

Anonymous said...

I guess I knew there was a reason I was taken to singing cowboy love songs yesterday, some were even my own.

He was a tall man that out lived his own boots.

I’ll miss him. You take care lady.

Love, Al.
Alan Davis

Q said...

Oh Ruby.

Big Ideas called me yesterday to tell me the sad news.

Your obituary moved me and broke my heart. When I was there in April, I watched his daily routine unfold...he was so loved by all and so loved his Pet Ruby who was his world. He was a small dog that had a big soul and lived a big life. His memory will live on with all of us who knew him...

My sincere condolences and sympathies,


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful obituary to commemorate such a fabulous fellow.

My tears are mixing with the summer rain. He touched so many lives including ours.

21 glorious chihuahua years!

I am sending a virtual New Orleans brass band playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" to escort him over and celebrate his life.

Sending lots of love.

Kiki, David, Lola Luna and Radar

Anonymous said...

Ruby, sending love and kisses every minute...Louie was Magic...He will live in our hearts always..We love you....
Debra + Charlie

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby,
So sorry to hear that Louie has gone to meet his Maker; nice he was baptized before departing on his journey. We'll miss his sweet voice when we ring at the gate. Take care of yourself, and give Lola and Dusty an extra hug from us.
Anne, Steve and Johnny

Katy Nastali Wood said...

Farewell, Louie you wonderful dog! I'm glad to have had the chance to see you one more time and even steal a little, stiff-jointed hug! Ruby - It's so great to read all the memories of your Louie from everyone. Thinking of you all the way out here in Ohio.

Diane said...

We were very sad to hear of Louis passing - I am a firm believer that we go on forever... and I am sure Loius will always be around
Jack & Diane

geri mcneil said...

Dear Ruby

I heard the sad new yesterday about Louie. My heart aches for little guy and I send you a big hug! Were in Seattle and it's a balmy 55degree.
See you a couple of weeks. Geri and Dean

Anonymous said...

Oh Ruby. Darlin', I'm so sorry. I am sending you the biggest hug ever right
now. That sweet little pooch probably took a little stroll, looked at that
wter and just decided it was time. I'm with him all the way. I don't want
to hang around once things go too far south.

Replacing Louie's magic may not be in the cards, but there is always new
magic; it's everywhere, everyday.

Put some Cajun music on (it's my new love!), dance around the pool;
celebrate that sweet dog! Lynn Grigsby

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby - I am saddened to hear of your loss.

You might not be able to see him, but I know that Louie will continue to watch over you and the hotel.
Don't be surprised if someday you see him from the corner of your eye or hear a familiar bark as someone comes to the gate.

You are in my thoughts,

Jerry Sullivent

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear this. What a little treasure he
was. Do you know why he was in the pool? Do you think
he fell in or did it on purpose? I know that sounds
strange but sometimes I feel dogs do these things if
they feel the end of life is near. I have seen it
happen before. I don't know if you know but when I met
Jamie about 15 years ago he had a dog named Skipper
who drowned in the pool. It was all very strange.

Anyway Ruby, what a wonderful long life he had. I am
very sorry and hope you feel ok.

I will see you in the sesert in a couple of weeks.

Love David xxx
David Wills

Anonymous said...

This is really really sad news. Poor Louie. I feel very lucky to have known him for a short time and happy to know that every day of his long life was filled with joy and love.
I'm so sorry, Ruby
Your friends, Chris and Emily Russell

Michelle Van Caneghem said...

The Coral Sands just won't be the same without the little Grandpa. He really touched my heart. Sending Ruby a big hug. You gave him a charmed life and he will be watching over you always.

Laura said...

Paris, Lolli, and I received the news on Sunday. Since then our hearts have been filled with sorrow. We'll miss Louie terribly. That Louie took us around the block a fews. He was always the best dressed gent to stroll the neighborhood with, and the most hung (if I might add). Lolli's embrassed by her mom right now. We love you Ruby, will dry our eyes and think of Louie enjoying his time with all his friends in the Great Beyond. Love and Kisses the Doodles

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ruby,

You have been on our minds so much the past week. After we heard the news on Sunday we understood why. We're so sorry to hear about Louie's passing and your lose. If there's anything, anything, just name it, anything we can do. Please let us know.

We love you , try to hang in there.

Lara, Paris and Lolli

Anonymous said...

We love you Ruby and we loved Louis too. He was so lucky to have you as his
wild mother. Thinking of you.

Wood and Graham Graham

Anonymous said...

Coco, Woodie and I are thinkin' about you and hope to see you very soon.
You have my love and support always...
Harriet Baron

Anonymous said...

they are not stars
But rather openings in
Where the Love
of our Lost Ones
and shines
down upon Us
To let Us know
They are happy.

A look at the stars, the touch of a hand....
You are wished whatever comforts you.
You are wished what brings peace to your heart.
Jaimi Houston

Anonymous said...

Oh Ruby..... Our condolences. He was the best dog and you were so lucky to
have each other. Give Lola our love too. Max Jim and the girls

Anonymous said...

Ruby - we are so sad to hear about Monsieur Louie!! He was such a
wonderful boy and Gendarme! We were so happy to see him patrolling
Chez Coral Sands while we were there in late March. He was such a

We are very sad about Louie leaving his body, but we're sure his
spirit will live on at the Coral Sands. He was a very happy boy at
the Sands!

Mr. Jack gives a "bark out" to Mr. Louie!

Take care!!

Jeff & Parker

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for filling me in - I'm responding thru the tears.....that big little guy. A bit of a dramatic ending!
I am enjoying the online tributes & pics.
I had been reminiscing today about my little guy, as I drove past a similar little scruffy guy being walked.....I was feeling and considering all that big love shared & created thru those wee ones - what a gift that lives on!
Sending lots your way - a virtual hug & kiss, too -
suzanna mast

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken for you. We will always love Louie and have fond memories of our time with him. You provided him with the love and care that he deserved and loved. Take time to be sad, but not too much time. Louie wouldn’t want you to do that. Love you. pat
Pat Patterson

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby

I am so sorry to hear about Louie

I miss you-brad
Brad Einhorn

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart he was, Ruby. Here's a nice photo of us all at your place. I'm so glad you and Calyn are back in touch--I miss you, girl. Maybe will see you in PS sometime soon. Here's to Louie.


Nancy Ousley

Anonymous said...

What wonderful tributes to our precious Louie. He touched so many
hearts and souls; as do you, my sweet sister. Know i think of you each
moment, and please treat yourself gently as you go thru these sad days.
HIs candle burns strong here, and last night with the beautiful rising
harvest moon, I just know i saw him smile from appreciation for our
Ruby and for his wonderful little big life.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby,

I was so very saddened to read of your loss of your dear sweet Louie L'Amour upon my return to CA. What a huge loss, I am so sorry. I am so glad I was able to meet the dear soul among his final days here on earth. Take comfort in knowing he was loved by many but none more than you.

Sending you warm thoughts and wishes for comfort and peace.


Dee Ptak

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss.
Gloria Urban

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me know of Louie’s passing. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so glad we got to meet the little guy. He was the cutest damn Chihuahua ever and Pumpkin The Poodle loved hanging out with him and learning the ropes at The Coral Sands. Namaste Louie.

Tracy Arnold

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

dear Ruby,

I hope that the walks with Dusty and Lola are helping you. I'm sure that your little girls are there to help your heart, and, maybe right now, they're pretty much the ones that can. I've been reading the blog and hope that all the love and caring that we (your friends) have for you and Louis is a comfort.

And who knows, maybe the demands of the hotel work in your favor. There's always much to be done and it keeps a sad heart from just crawling under the bed with a big, ol' box of donuts. I/we are thinking of you.

With love and light, your Cee Cee

Ps, Thank you so much for the beautiful blog entry you did of me on my birthday. I was so thrilled to see it and your dear message warmed me more than the Grecian sun.

Rob & Steven said...

Oh Ruby...we are so sorry to hear about Louis!
What an amazing little man.
He will be missed on his daily walks by Via Sol!
Take care.
Your neighbors,
Rob & Steven

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for you & your boy. However, my father told me once when I lost the love of my life in equine form "At least you had him! Think of many many people never do!" He was right. My favorite day of my visit to the Coral Sands was the last morning when we strolled your hounds around the block. It was a beautiful stroll! My thoughts & prayers are with you & the great Louis!
Kavar Kerr

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear the news. I'll always remember Louis at his last Runway experience. What a darling. Thinking of you. How are Lola and Dusty dealing? You did give him the best life!!!
On and On...

Dennis said...

Louie L'Amour concierge le Coral Sands was a buddy of mine and I sure loved hanging out with him.
He lived life like there was no tomorrow, and of course, snuck in a nap or three.
Louie, thanks for touching my life!

Anonymous said...

Hey Darlin'

I was so sad to get and read your email. There is nothing that seems
appropriate to say except that Scott and I are sorry and know how you feel.
Losing a wonderful life companion is the worst thing in the world. Know
however, that Louie lived the life that few get to. He went with you
everywhere, you treated him like a king and perhaps he was the most well
known dog in Palm Springs, Seattle and maybe even the world over. Just
think of all the friends and admirers and all the unique and fun people he
got to know, better yet, think of how many people were privileged enough to
know such a wonderful creature! You were so terrific to him which is true to
your character. He was loved and so are you.

In my heart,

Mark Anton

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby,

We will all miss the sight of L'Amour trotting faithfully at your heels. Lola and Dusty may have been his harem (and they certainly helped keep him young), but he was a one-woman dog at heart and you were his only true love.

A toast to Louie and the wonderful life you made for him -- no dog ever had it better. Three cheers for Senor L'Amour.

love xoxox,

~ weedie

Anonymous said...

Just read about Louis, so sorry. He was v cool. Glad you have the other gals to make you feel better :) He might be the most blogged about dog ever!!!

Sounds great re: your friend! I will keep you posted when the article comes out!

Miss you too!
Hannah Garrison

Anonymous said...

oh no! We are so sorry to hear of Louie's passing. It seemed like the little guy would totter on for ever. That must have been a terrible shock to see him floating in the pool.
I hope you have lots of friends and family to turn to. You are so right, that we loved Louie and have thought of him surprisingly often--that spry offcenter walk on his rickety little feet makes us smile whenever he comes across our thought screen. Out warm wishes and shared sorrow go out to you, Ruby. Hang in there.


John & Candace Rogers

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ruby,

So sorry for your lose. I guess I could try to come up with something else
to say, but frankly, it all sounds so trite. I'm really very sorry.
Love, Dibi
Dibi Fletcher

Anonymous said...

My Darling, I just got back today from a camping trip up Vancouver Island in Canada to learn of poor wee Louie`s fate. My heart is broken thinking of you having to find him and of him leaving us in such a way. Poor wee man. and my poor wee you losing him , and especially having to find him like that. I`m still in shock having just learned, and words are not enough to convey my sorrow for you in loosing such a great wee soldier. He seemed so invincible to age and I remember when you first adopted him, or he you. We were all young then and Louie was the darling of the bunch. I still have the photocards Calyn made of him then and will send you them down. I know that Louie had a wonderful life with you and oh if we were all so lucky. He in all all his three inches tall was your guardian and watchdog, whether it was a shop or hotel, he was your main man and we all knew it.
There will be a very big void in many of our lives without Louie and I care most about yours. You gave him a smashingly wonderful life which he obviously appreciated so his death was not in vain because he has left such fond loving memories for so many.
I know you will have had many supporters and friends helping you these last few days and only wish I could have been one of them. I was isolated for a week and am sorry I was not able to send my condolences and love sooner.
Always remember that he will be waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge when it is our time to check out.
I love you my Ruby and always remember that.
I will call you very soon and my thoughts and love are with you.
Tom XXTom Reid

Anonymous said...


I heard from Parker that you'd lost Louie. I'm so sorry. There's nothing I can say to make it better... just remember he had a long and happy life, surrounded by people and other pups who loved him very much.

Amy Williams

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruby this is Kim's friend Kari I came with her and the clan years ago after my lovely brain cancer ...happy to say I am still alive and well. I am so sorry about Louie. He was the main attraction fo me and I know how special he was to you . I just wanted to say I was thinking about you and if you need anything like comic relief ect come to Seattle and between Kim Jeanie and myself we will cheer you up. Love ya Kari
Kari Richards

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby...Kim forwarded me the notice of Louie's passing...remember
him fondly in his Elvis get-up...bound and determined to get down
there sometime soon...much love Laura (Miller)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,
I just wanted to add my condolences to what I'm sure is a very long list of Louie's fans! He was my favorite of your dogs and always cracked me up whenever he walked onto the patio. We are also grieving as one of our Persian cats (Mommacat, the black & white one) unexpectedly got sick and died two weeks ago of unknown causes. She was like my baby -- I carried her everywhere. We feel your pain!
Becky and Domenic

Anonymous said...

Dearest Rube,
I've just read through all the beautiful messages from the beautiful people you know and Louie's life literally passed before my eyes. This is the best of the many gift you gave him - to be so loved by the many friends you have who love so well. As you do. I hope you are feeling just a tiny bit better each day as his little soul resettles in new and meaningful ways in your life.

My Mom is holding Louie in her lap just about now... wondering what to feed him next!
Love eternal, Vita

chanderfaith said...

We are so sorry. Louis was an amazing dog who never failed to put a smile on my face. He will be sorely missed. If you need anything, please give us a jingle.
Chander and Zoli

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruby,Ugh-I am so so sorry I know how totally grief stricken you are. Louie Louie was the best and being with you Rubes he couldn't have had a better life, not at.all! To have had you for his mom all those years and to have met all the interesting people he met! Yes, our Louie will be telling stories to all his buddies up there for some time. The last I heard he had just stirred things up by chasing Pip, Sam, and Sprinkle (our kitties that crossed over a couple years ago) around and the kitties just didnlt know what to think of a little guy like that. Of course Louie puffed up and is now resting under Scooter's cage with a smile on his face! Scooter sang a long pretty song when he saw his ole pal Louie! I will read the article when I log on to my computer-thanks for sending it. Ruby I think we are so lucky to have our angels in fur or feather suits with us for as long as they are. Love Never goes away they will be a part of us forever. A big big warm hug to you Ruby. I am so glad Louie blessed all our lives and it was time for him to cross over. I am home and getting stronger every day. Slowly but surely I will be up to no good in no time!My thoughts are with you.Love you Ruby. Sandy
Sandy Markle

KC Pony said...

Ah, Louie....
from the moment I laid eyes on your peepers peekin'
our o'that tote the wild and nefarious Ruby carried you in, I knew that you were of the stuff writers expound upon. Eulogize.....legendary tales of the tails and trails...and now this posthumous piece from me.

A somewhat chance, perhaps intuitive, find on my recent Texas road trip was a wooden cross adorned with head of a long-horned steer. Upon hearing the news of your own road trip home, I turned, laid eyes upon the sun bleached cross and knew it was to mark your resting place in the dessert.

It will soon include a small plaque the reads "Louie L'Amour.....True Friend" for that is the greatest eulogy of all. True Friends are what life is all about, Lou. And I thank you, along with many others, in saying "THANK GOD YOU WERE OUT THERE LOOKIN' AFTER THE SANDS ALL THIS TIME....CHRIST. AND NOW YOU'VE LEFT DUSTY AND LOLA TO HASH IT OUT. YOU BETTER BE SUPERVISING THIS LONG-DISTANCE LOU.....IT COULD GET SERIOUS!"

Anonymous said...

Rube ,

Matthew and I broke into tears regarding the passing of your dear Louis. We feel your pain and also I'm sure happy tears for having shared such a great friendship! We know how hard it is to part with such a dear soul. two years ago we had to say good bye to our sweet kitty Korbel aged 23., that relationship made me a better human and I was better for knowing him.

You gave Louis an incredible life and gave him the opportunity to do his job. What a man!

I'm sure he is sending angels and managing a pink hotel with his possy up in heaven.

Hugs, tears, and kisses!

Love, Mindy and Matthew