Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'll Never Be Your Beast of Burden

Suffer the little children . . .

And he did. Louie L'Amour loved children and none more than his nephews Caleb and Nathan pictured here at the Brooklyn House in 1997. When Ruby found him, Louie (then known implausibly as 'Fritz') had been sewn into a horse hair sack by his owner, an elderly woman suffering from dementia and who fed him nothing but Milano cookies and beer -- her own diet.

Yes, Louie was a rescue dog and he never lost sight of those humble beginnings. He made it his life-long policy to rescue a small (or large) portion of every heart he encountered on his journey, but he was especially dear to children. Rube even worried that little Fritz was too small and frail to survive her whirlwind life, including the rough and tumble of twin boys.

But Louie, as usual, exceeded expectations transforming himself from little, hairless, shivering Fritz into the gadabout Louis L'Amour, special secret agent, cowboy, clown, pretend hostage -- whatever the game, he was up for it.


David Stas said...

Thanks for the story! Beautiful.
and I love the photo.

Anonymous said...

Our beloved Louie has been part of our little lives for over 10 years, and we grew to love him more with each time spent together. We are amazed at his persistence in life, the ability to fully enjoy and embrace each day. Long live our little Louie in the hearts of each of us. We will miss him dearly.
Caleb and Nathan

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet Ruby,

I am so sorry to hear about Lil Louie Lamour. Thank you for letting
me know, that means a lot to me. I'll never forget the day that
Sorensen and I sat at her computer and talked about a much needed
vacation and aobut taking our first trip to Palm Springs. She had
heard of a fun place, owned by the infamous Ruby Montana, so we
"Googled" you. When the dogs came up on your website, I fell off my
chair laughing, and Sorensen commented -- "I have a good feeling about
this." As I recall, Sorensen emailed you to ask, "My friend is a
little concerned that there will be dogs roaming her room..." and you
responded, "only if she wants them to." We knew then, that we had
found our P.S. home and that we loved ya, and that we would love them
dogs too.

We will miss Louie Lamour greeting us with that oh so ferocious bark
when we arrive in the night. I really did love that dog of yours,

We are thinking of you Friend,
Terri Johnston