Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday Shout Goes Out to Sander and Friend Dina Martina . . . riding here in the Seattle Gay Pride Parade (left) with Love(ly) Laverne

Dina and Laverne are among the best of home grown Seattle...Be sure to go to Dina's website...

Happy Birthday, Darlin' . . . RZM


Anonymous said...

I love seeing this photo!
Thank you! and a very Happy Birthday Dina Martina!! XO Debra (Laverne's official photographer)

Barbie Doll said...

PhotoDuo, we love you.
But in the interest of historical accuracy, I beleive that I was the "unofficial" photographer at the event

David Stas said...

Hoppy Berthday, Dina! (Born on the 5th of July)
YOU are the Yaankee Cheese Doodle Sweetheart, AND a Yaankee Doodle Joy.

Long may you wave.