Thursday, July 24, 2008

Terry Tazioli Remembers Louis L'Amour

Terry wrote a piece on The Coral Sands early in the first years Louie and I were here. It was a huge boon to business and I thank him for that but I especially thank him for his tribute in that article to Louie L'Amour:

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Louis B. "Guard Dog" L'Amour, maybe 10 inches tall at the ears, was pointing dead-on toward the entrance to the Coral Sands Inn. Every time he barked, he shot skyward, each leg a little synchronized rocket.

Outside, some guy Louis the Chihuahua didn't know was ringing the bell next to the motel's locked gate, jumping up and down, trying to see in.

Wouldn't ya know it. Louis's mama was out running errands, one guest was asleep in her room, another was sitting alone, poolside. Everything had been calm in Louis' capable paws — until now. Then comes this guy, acting like some kind of nut.

What's to see, Buster? It's a motel. A six-unit, pink motel. It was here in Palm Springs before you were a bullet in somebody's six-shooter. Why don't you just high-tail it to some other place to bed down. Rawf!

Wait a minute! The guest by the pool is going over to let the nut case in — the guy says he has a reservation. Why does this always happen? Why do so many guests figure they run the place?

Louis glowers and turns away.
Life's just like that at Ruby Montana's Coral Sands Inn.

Terry Tazioli
Travel/Northwest Life
The Seattle Times
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Anonymous said...

This was so wonderful to read. Many thanks to Terry,
Ruby and the one and only, Louis.
With love, Cee Cee

David Stas said...

Rube, I happened to re-read this piece the day before we lost Louie. I had found it on your "Yippee-Ki-Oo, Babe! Check out My Website" link at the top of the blog. It's like Lou is sending us little messages from the great corral in the sky . . . He is fine, but he's just a little worried about us.